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Leaders, Committee, Training & Planning

Adult Organization within the Troop

For a Boy Scout Troop, a minimum of five (5) adult leaders are necessary. By position, there these are the Scoutmaster (SM), an Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM), Troop Committee Chairman (TCC), and a minimum of two Committee members who are the adult leaders. From the Charter Organization, there must be a Charter Institution Representative, who may also serve in another capacity as the Committee Chair or Committee Member.

The Scoutmaster is approved by the Troop committee and is the top adult leader of the Troop. He is responsible to the Troop Committee.

The Scoutmaster selects potential Assistant Scoutmasters and committee members and presents them to the Troop committee for approval. The committee trusts the SM judgment in his selections but candidates still need final approval by the Troop committee. 

Troop Committee Meeting

The troop committee meets from 7:00 to 9:00, generally on the Monday following a campout. The Committee consists of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity chair, Outdoors chair, Advancement chair, and members-at-large. The Charter Organization Representative, Troop Committee Chairman, Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters attend as non-voting members. All parents are welcome to attend. Parents will be given an opportunity to participate in any and all discussions but they are non-voting participants.

Training of Troop Leadership

All adult volunteers must register with the Boy Scouts of America. This includes merit badge counselors, troop leaders, and committee members. This does not include parents who drive on troop outings, although they are required to file their insurance information with the troop, have read the "How to Protect Your Child from Child Abuse and Drug Abuse: A Parent’s Guide", watched the BSA Youth Protection video and be listed on the official BSA Tour Permit.

Adult leaders are expected to complete the official BSA “Youth Protection Training” and “This is Scouting” online, which is accessible through the troop website. The district training staff offers Boy Scout Leaders Specific training.

Troop 370 will only be as good as the leaders who supervise the troop. Each fall the Scoutmaster and other interested leaders will attend advanced training, referred to as University of Scouting, to be kept current in new policies and procedures. The troop will pay for the Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader to attend the Junior College. This training will be made part of the troop calendar. During the year the Troop hosts a Junior Leader Training workshop for Patrol leaders and other Scouts in positions of responsibility.

The troop is required to have at least one leader complete, and maintain current qualifications of, several health and safety training sessions. These include Basic CPR, Scouting Health & Safety, Safe Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, Climb on Safely, Weather Hazards and Trek Safely.

Annual Planning Conference

Each August the Troop Committee, Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, Charter Organization Representative and the Senior Patrol Leader will attend the Annual Planning Conference. This conference will be held to review the Troop Policy Handbook and to plan the troop meetings, camping trips, and establish the year’s schedule. This planning conference is normally held after the council’s Program Extravaganza.