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Fees, Payments, Subsidies & Fund Raising

Fees and Payments

All enrollment fees, registrations, trip down payments, etc. are non-refundable. Scouts will be responsible for fees incurred if they fail to attend an activity for which they have reserved a space. A transportation fee is assessed for all youth participants for certain activities. This amount is included in the trip fee.

Troop Subsidies

The Troop generally subsidizes all weekend camping trips, paying camping and admission fees (based upon full Scout participation in fund raisers). The Troop also generally pays for all Troop equipment and repairs, as well as Troop level supplies (propane, charcoal, water, etc). Scouts are expected to pay for their food. Parents are expected to support the Troop by providing transportation to and from each event.

To be eligible for these subsidies, each Scout must perform four hours of community service since the last summer camp and actively participate in all fund raisers. If a scout does not participate in all fund raisers, then the difference must be paid by the scout’s parents. The amount of money available for these subsidies is dependent upon the fund raisers and we plan our annual budget accordingly.

In cases where a prepayment is required for a trip (for the non-subsidized portion of the trip costs), or where the Troop has committed itself to an amount, fees collected by the Troop in excess of the subsidy will not be refunded if a Scout cancels. See Fees and Payments section. If a cancellation becomes necessary, recouping the subsidy fee is possible if the Scout and his Parents are able to find another Scout who can take the canceling Scout’s place.

Fund Raisers

Generally the troop has major fund raisers twice a year. The Troop Pancake Breakfast is held in March and we run a soda booth at the Homosassa Seafood Festival in November. Other fund raisers are held throughout the year, such as popcorn sales, to help Scouts earn money for summer camp, high adventure, and/or camping trips. Fund raisers also teach scouts how to handle money and be thrifty, the ninth point of the Scout Law. The Troop Committee will approve all fund raisers. Mandatory participation in all fund raisers is required for use of troop subsidies and scholarship fund.

Money earned through troop fund raisers belongs to Troop 370. Ten percent of all funds raised by the Scouts will go into a scholarship fund to aid any Scouts that need financial help with any facet of being a Scout (uniform, trip fees, etc.).

Parental support is vital to the success of the fund raiser, not only by supporting your son in individual, door-to-door sales, but by serving on various committees and assisting with sales and distribution of popcorn, during the week and weekends. Volunteers will be solicited at the beginning of the Scout year, in September.