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Troop Handbook

The Blanton-Thompson American Legion Post 155 in Crystal River charters Troop 370. The Troop is part of the Withlacoochee District within the Gulf Ridge Council, headquartered in Tampa. Troop meetings are held in the Homosassa Scout Hut on Monday nights from 7:00 to 8:30.  A troop calendar is printed each fall. Updates are available on the troop’s website www.troop370.us.  On an average there is one troop outing, 3 troop meetings and one Troop Committee meeting each month.  We do our best to be an active troop with many opportunities for fun and adventure and learning.

This handbook is intended to be a guide, but it is impossible to cover every possible situation that may arise. The Scoutmaster has the authority to suspend some of the rules when necessary. There are some policies that cannot be altered as mandated by the Boy Scouts of America.  Common sense in applying these rules should cover most situations.  Any decision of the Scoutmaster may be appealed to the Troop Committee.

Troop 370 plans it program from September to August following the school year. Yearly planning takes place in August and an annual calendar is distributed to each family. We do our best to follow the calendar as printed but at times may have to make changes. We will try to give as much notice as possible when changes are made.


The Aims of Scouting

There are three aims of Scouting:

  • Character development
  • Citizenship training
  • Mental and physical fitness

The Methods of Scouting

The Boy Scouts of America uses 8 fundamental methods to achieve the 3 "Aims of Scouting".
  • The Ideals - the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto and the Scout Slogan.
  • The patrol method - a smaller group within the larger troop that works together.
  • The outdoors - fun and adventure in the outdoors
  •  Advancement - recognition of a boy’s achievement and a natural outcome of an active troop.
  •  Association with adults - provide positive role models.
  • Personal growth - the opportunities to seek and find answers.
  • Leadership development - learning skills through learning to lead.
  • The uniform - develops a sense of belonging to their patrol and troop.

To download the Troop Handbook, go to the Forms/Downloads page.