Parents & Committee

If you haven't been involved in Scouting, you may think that the whole organization is the Scoutmaster and the youth members. The truth is, the success of the troop depends on a lot of adult volunteers who work behind the scenes to make it all happen. The troop committee is like a steering committee —  volunteers  who actually handle the business end of running the troop.  From the Scoutmaster Handbook: “The most important responsibility of a troop committee is recruiting qualified adult leaders for the troop. The Scoutmaster should be able to turn to the committee at any time for assistance, support, and encouragement."
Committee Members for Troop 327:
Mr. Joseph Bobrowski - Committee Chair
Mr. Philip Bates
Mr. Roy Gershowitz
Mr. Ronald Gilganic
Mr. Bart Gugel
Mr. Rickie Hollborn
Mr. Richard Mehner
Mr. Charles Schiro
Mr. Gus Torelli - Founder