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“Empowering boys to be leaders is the core of Scouting. Scouts learn by doing, and what they do is lead their patrols and their troop. The boys themselves develop a troop program, then take responsibility for figuring out how they will achieve the goals. One of our most important challenges is to train boy leaders to run the troop by providing direction, coaching and support. The boys will make mistakes now and then and will rely upon the adult leaders to guide them. But only through real hands-on experience as leaders can boys learn to lead."
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Bates, Lucas  Life Scout Webmaster/Assistant Troop Guide 
Belcher, Kristopher  Life Scout  
Belcher, Robert Star Scout  
Bell, Joseph  Tenderfoot  
Blaschuk, Billy   
Cottral, James Star Scout  
DiMassi, Julian  Scout  
Holewienko, Timothy  Life Scout  
Jeran, Jake   
Maynard, Chris   
O'Neill, Blake   
O'Neill, Tyler  Life Scout Senior Patrol Leader 
Patel, Neel LIfe Scout  
Stadelman, Michael   
Stutzenstein, Ryan  Life Scout  
Terhune, James   
Terhune, Joshua  Life Scout Troop Guide 
Wichert, Derek   
Wichert, Tyler   
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