Adult Leaders

Each troop has an adult leader, the Scoutmaster, who is a volunteer registered with the Boy Scouts of America and trained. The Scoutmaster is responsible for helping the scouts with their planning of the year's program so the scouts are given adequate Opportunity to advance in rank and complete merit badges.  

Scoutmaster for Troop 327:
Mr. David Maziarz

Assistant Scoutmasters
A troop will be successful if there are also Assistant Scoutmasters to support the Scoutmaster. The adult leaders should only do those things that the scouts can not do themselves - driving, for example. The boys should be allowed to lead their own troop with only minimal guidance as needed, depending on the maturity and abilities of the scout leaders.  

Assistant Scoutmasters for Troop 327:
Mr. Robert Belcher
Mr. William Blaschuk
Mr. Leonardo Carrasco
Mr. Lucas Cittadino
Mr. Michael Laraia
Mr. Kenneth Phalen
Mr. Ralph Savarese
Mr. Peter Sharrock
Mr. Jason Terhune

Troop Committee
The Troop is supported by a Troop Committee, all volunteers. There is a Troop Committee Chairman and other troop committee members. Most troop committees consist of family members and members of the troop's chartered organization.

Committee Members for Troop 327:
Mr. Gus Torelli- Committee Chair and Founder
Mr. Philip Bates
Mr. Joseph Bobrowski
Mr. Joseph Croteau
Mr. Roy Gershowitz
Mr. Ronald Gilganic
Mr. Bart Gugel
Mr. Rickie Hollborn
Mr. Michael Kilbourne
Mr. Richard Mehner
Mr. Charles Schiro
Mr. Patrick Stutzenstein
Dr. Michael Torelli
Mr. Charles Willis