Troop 327 History

First Scoutmaster: Gus Torelli
Boy Scout Troop 327 was created in 1967
October 28, 2015                                                                                                                   Lucas Bates
Interview with Mr. Torelli, The founder of Troop 327.

Lucas: I am going to be interviewing Mr. Torelli, The founder of the troop and my grandfather.

L: When was Cub Pack 327 created?
Mr. T: In 1965, I was also a Weblos leader.
L: When did you start Boy Scout Troop 327?
Mr. T: In 1967, I was also the first Scoutmaster
L: How many boys and men did you start with?
Mr. T: 7 boys and 3 men. Next year we had 22 boys and 7 men
L: How many years were you Scoutmaster?
Mr. T: 8 years.
L: Who was your first Eagle scout?
Mr. T: My son, Dr. Michael Torelli.
L: What did you do after a few years?
Mr. T: I started Explorer Post 723.
L: Why is the Troop number "327"?
Mr. T: Its my home address, 723, backwards.
L: When did you join the OA? (Order Of The Arrow)
Mr. T: Around 1970.
L: In the OA, when did you reach Vigil?
Mr. T: Oct 28, 1973.
L: When did the troop start going to Yawgoog?
Mr. T: When Mr. Holborn was scoutmaster.
L: Was the troop always active?
Mr. T: No.
L: What was your lowest amount of boys?
Mr. T: I don't remember.
L: Who saved the troop when it was falling apart?
Mr. T: Me and Mr. Kilbourne.
L: How long have you been Committee Chairman?
Mr. T: 36 years.
L: How long has the troop been one of the best in Suffolk county?
Mr. T: Over 36 Years.
L: How long have you been involved in scouting?
Mr. T: Over 50 years.
(He asked for me to put this on the interview)
L: Have you ever had a Webmaster?
Mr. T: No, But you are the first one.

L: Thank you for your time!
Mr. T: You're Welcome. 
More History Coming Soon