The Troop has a number of fundraising events that scouts can use to help pay for their scouting adventures. We believe it is important that all scouts participate in the fundraising events. It helps strengthen the bonds between the scouts and also teaches them the importance of money and the sacrifices that are required to go on an out of state or high adventure camp.

Unlike cub scouts, the troop does not "pool" fundraising money. Each scout in the troop has a "camp account" and the money that they raise is kept in that account. It can be used to fund camping fees or even costs associated with a scouts Eagle project.

If a scout participates in most of these programs they should be able to pay for Summer Camp.

  • Flag Program - We get paid to put out flags in the Canyon Creek community for the major holidays
  • Mulch sales - in Jan & Feb we sell and deliver mulch
  • Popcorn - In October we sell popcorn. We believe it is important to participate in this program as a portion of the proceeds from this fundraiser go to the council and help maintain our local camps.
  • Camp Cards - In February we sell camp cards.