The Scouts

We currently have 40 scouts registered with the troop. Our scouts live in Plano, Richardson, Murphy and Wylie and go from 6th Grade all the way up to Seniors. The scouts are divided into "patrols" and each patrol elects their own Patrol Leader. The troop then elects a Senior Patrol Leader. Elections are held every 6 months and this allows all scouts to have an opportunity to learn and to be leaders. To prepare them for their leadership roles we run internal leadership training every year and also encourage scouts to attend "Oak Leaf". Our current leaders are lited below

Nikhil Jeeva

Senior Patrol Leader

Nikhil is a junior at PESH and is a Life Scout. He joined the troop in 2013 from Pack 1789. He went to Summer Camp at Camp Constantin in 2018

Spencer Reeves

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

Spencer is a freshman at Wylie High School He joined the troop in 2014. He is a Star scout and is planning to attend the world jamboree in 2019

Keshav Upadhaya

Patrol Leader - Rainbow Narwhals

Keshav is a freshman at PESH. He joined the troop in 2014 . He is a First Class scout and is in IB program .

Christian Bonebrake

Patrol Leader - Ninja Ghosts

Christian recently moved into the Plano district and joined the troop in 2017. H e is a Star scout working towards Eagle rank.

Morgan Austin

Patrol Leader - Border Patrol

Morgan is a sophomore at Plano Academy and joined the troop in 2013 from Pack 262. He is a Life scout and in 2018 he went to Alaska on his first high adventure camp .