Summer Camp 2012

Days until camp: 1
More days we all wish we had to get ready: 1
We will be updating this blog as time permits and we will do everything possible to update it daily as well as the photos. 
 Day 1: The First Day
Pictures are being loaded as this is typed and should be on the website soon. We are having difficulties getting the photos and blog posted to the home page so please go to the Summer Camp 2012 link on the sidebar and the photos link as well. The first day was full of the regular chores for setting up camp and the swim test was successful thanks to the brilliant idea of wearing suits under the uniform to make the test go quickly. Afetr a brief swim and the unloading of traielers it was time to get aquainted with camp surroundings. There is nothing like the face of a 1st year after a visit to the lollie for the 1st time. It was quickly overcome though as we headed to the mess hall for mystery meat tacos. In all seriousness, the boys are fine, have no problem with the lollies and the food was all gone at every table so it couldn't have been that bad. An opening night ceremony with the tradition of 1st year scouts being in the front row was a huge hit complete with excellent skits. After the ceremony it was time for lights out at 10 and a great night's sleep with gorgeous weather. Let's hope it continues for the rest of the week. Merit badge classes have started, camp is smoothing out and the scouts are having a great time. 
Day 2: The second day
The weather is great and we're sincerely hoping it stays that way. Last night was gorgeous and the first night in several years that sheets were actually used to cover up. It's that nice in the evenings which makes sleeping so much better and helps the boys stay energized. Let's see; What have the scouts done today: Enviromental Science, Climbing, Geology, Canoeing, Archery, First Aid, Communications, Snorkeling, Disc Golf, Skits and Songs by the campfire, Indian Village Overnight stay in a teepee, 3 great meals (French toast, Sausage, Cereal) (Meatball Subs, Salad) (Turkey with mashed potaoes and gravy, peas, rolls, brownie & salad bar) and a host of other activities that keep them busy and full of fun times. We reeived a special treat when it was announced that the All Star game would be televised. A brave young adult leader (Nick Burchstead) and a sports fanatic (Stephen Clifford) took some of the boys up to see the game and although it was a terrible game it was nice to have a chance to see it nonetheless. We left early since taps is played at 10:00 followed by lights out. The scouts didn't take long to hit the cots and get some sleep. Another round of activities awaits tomorrow and we will update ASAP. Now someone please tell me why I have so many bugs on my screen. It's nearly midnight. Don't bugs sleep too?  

Day 3 & 4; The third and fourth day: A lot of activity in camp and finally getting an opportunity to catch everyone up on what is going on. The 1st year scouts are still moving along great and the weather has been giving us a little break this year. It is still warm and humid but much more bearable than years past so we’re thankful. Merit badge classes have continued and great outpost programs (Indian Lore & Action Archery) provided nice breaks from merit badge classes along with great campsite meals.

Day 4 was call night and camp inspection so if you see your son standing at attention and looking sharp it is intentional (We are not running a boot camp, we promise) Many comments were made after the inspection that our campsite and our scouts were among the finest looking in the whole camp. You should all be very proud of your scout. They represented the troop tremendously well.  

Call night provided us with newly called Foxman and newly called Braves. The ceremony was great and all the scouts were extremely excited to be called. It’s a great ceremony and your son will be excited to share some details.

Visitor’s day is coming up in 2 days and the number one request as always is good food (not that the mess hall is all that bad but food from home can’t be beaten.) We will continue to update the photos as much as possible but with the shared bandwith down here they are taking forever to load.

Day 5- The fifth day.

A quick downpour came through the camp around 3:00 along with some thunder so we took precaution and the camp was moved into the dining hall. Nothing serious but please be assured that safety is the number one priority here at Bartle and it is taken seriously. After the all clear the scouts returned to camp and completed their merit badge tasks. After dinner there was an open swim night and the boys loved it. The adults also got the pool to themselves for a night swim around 9:00 and we never thought we would hear the following words spoken at camp: You know, I’m actually a little chilly right now.

That comment was followed by another comment the next morning in what can only be explained as a strange phenomenon.  Mr. Gress actually complained that it got a little to cold last night. We are preparing several tests for him as we write this. For the rest of us, it was a glorious and most welcomed cool night for sleeping.

We are preparing for visitor’s day and everyone is very excited to show everyone what they’ve been  doing.


Day 6 & 7: The sixth & 7th Day; Spirits are great and we want to thank everyone for making our visitor’s day so successful. Thank you for all the support. Prior to your arrival, the 1st, 2nd & 3rd year scouts all took the annual 5 mile hike to Scotty’s in ICO for dinner and a peach nehi float. That was followed by the egg drop competition at the climbing tower and we are happy to report that we have reclaimed the title. Our contraption was dropped 10 times from the top of the climbing tower and the egg never cracked. We had to add a rock on the bottom (still didn’t crack) and then another  rock on top (still didn’t crack). Then the staff took our contraption apart and chucked it to the ground which finally made it crack. The celebration back at camp was made even sweeter by the cold watermelon slices earned by the scouts.

Day 7 brought the church services and once again our very own Jay Peach supplied the acoustical accompaniment for the service. We also were able to enjoy the new rock wall that was built by our newly called braves. As you may have noticed on visitor’s day, your son is having a blast and we couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments. Day 8 has started and we are in the home stretch.    

 Day 8: The last day of merit badge classes and an exciting day for all called braves and honorary warriors. The Mic-O-Say ceremony was held tonight and the troop welcomed 8 new braves and 1 honorary warrior to the great tribe of Mic-O-Say. You can probably tell by the photos how excited the scouts were for the evening and the troop is very proud of them all. The younger scouts are starting to get restless and are ready for home after many days of classes, hikes and schedules to keep. It has been said several times how blessed we are to have so many great 1st year scouts considering that none of them have had any issues at all to speak of during the whole session.

Day 9: A buzz is in camp with everyone realizing that we get to home in 24 hrs. As much as we enjoy camp, there is really no place like home. Scouts are all over camp finishing up any left over merit badge work, grabbing a last slushie at the trading post, packing up all their belongings and getting ready for the closing campfire skit. 


Day 10: The last day: Our troop is still keeping the tradition of being prepared to go right after breakfast. By the time we got back from breakfast, the bus was there, the trailers had already been half packed and within 1 hour we were headed home. It can not be expressed enough how greatly appreciative the troop is for all the young leaders who helped us accomplish so many tasks during the week  A huge thanks to Dale Foster, Greg Myers, Evan King, Ryan King, Nick Burchstead, Nick Porter, Ben Johnson, Michael Mahr and Will Carter. And now for one final blog comment: Be proud of your scout!!!!!!!!! The hard work they put in for 10 days is never an easy task and to watch this troop get along so well for the entire time speaks volumes for the scouts and their parents. Thank you for the privilege of having your son in our troop. We are sincerely thankful.