Summer Camp 2011

Day 10- The last day

posted Jul 23, 2011, 11:57 AM by Troop 247

When's the bus coming? When's the bus coming? We are all packed up and ready to go after breakfast. The scouts are ready to get home and have some very well deserved rest and relaxation. Through the heat, hikes, chigger bites, mess hall food, blisters, etc. the boys seldom complained and persevered through all their challenges. Troop 247 had another successful summer camp and many stories will be shared by the scouts and leaders but one thing is for certain; The draw of summer camp remains the same and that is the boys being allowed to be boys. Please tell your son that the whole troop is very proud of his accomplishments at summer camp. It's now time to get home so crank up the A/C, clear off the couch and be prepared for some great smelling laundry. Thanks again for everything everyone did to get prepared for camp. It was a great experience and we'll look forward to next year. 

Day 9-The 9th Day

posted Jul 23, 2011, 11:25 AM by Troop 247   [ updated Jul 23, 2011, 11:57 AM ]

Talent competition was held after lunch and Caleb McDonald made the Troop proud by taking 3rd place in the competition by juggling oranges while wearing the famous orange hat. A slight bit of rain fell at dinner time and was just enough to settle the dust and provide a nice, semi-cool breeze. We're pretty sure that the collective "ahhh" was heard three counties away. Today was make up day for merit badge classes, tear down of the campsite, packing up gear and the closing night ceremony. It was another busy day in the heat but knowing we were headed home the next day provided enough motivation to carry us through the day. At the closing ceremony, we were all made proud once again when several of the scouts earned advancements in Mic-O-Say. There is no way to say enough about how proud we all are of the troop's accomplishments. It is a true privilege to be associated with this great group of scouts.

Day 8- The 8th day

posted Jul 21, 2011, 3:02 PM by Troop 247

We are on cruise control and the next twodays are going to fly by and we'll be home. The boat race was held today and in great tradition, Mr. Jay Arnote constructed a shipping vessel that competely rocked the race. I think that Dakota left a small wake behind him as he soard through the water and completed the race in 16.4 seconds. The next best time came in at 41.3 so it's safe to say that Troop 247 set the bar again. There will be a video of the race posted at a later time. The whole Sawmill camp received an extremely exciting gift at lunch today. The brand new fans that camp has been installing over the last week were turned on today and the fans received a standing ovation. The dining hall has never felt better. Tonight is a great ceremony for the tribe of Mic-O-Say members and also a great night for the younger scouts to hang aroung the camp doing what they choose now that their merit badge classes are complete. It has been a GREAT camp and we will continue the fun this evening.

Day 7- The 7th Day

posted Jul 21, 2011, 2:51 PM by Troop 247

We're in the home stretch and the boys are still going. They still have the energ to make their walks to merit badges and are near completion of their activities. We have been blessed by the mannerisms and attitudes of this Troop and it is incredible how well they are doing despite the heat. They all find shade, water and rest when needed and are taking the scout motto of Be Prepared to heart. Knot tying competitions have heated up, chess tournaments are being held, leaves are being identified, bugs are becoming friends rather than pests, conservation projects are being completed, etc, etc,  so the scouts are staying busy. We're getting closer to going home so the requests for getting Peach Nehi Floats are going up and we will definitely find a way to have that happen on day 9.

Day 6- The Sixth Day

posted Jul 20, 2011, 2:21 PM by Troop 247

Ah- Day 6- The incredible Hike to Ico day for the younger scouts. The Peach Float tradition, the scorpion hill cave, the egg drop contest, the paper airplane contest and the "are we there yet?'" comments from the first years. A huge thank you to Mr. Hensley and Mr. Clifford for making the 5 mile hike with the boys in the heat and even bigger kudos to the boys that made the trek.  Also, thank you to Jared Arnote for coordinating the water refill and getting the dinner ready for the boys. Getting an opportunity to get cold water halfway through was a HUGE help. The paper airplane contest was won by Jared Arnote but the egg drop was lost for the 1st time in about 13 years. We believe it was an inside job and someone was paid off but proving it will be difficult. Trust us when we say that vindication is already in the planning stages as we speak. After the hike back to camp, the young scouts hit the showers and it did not take long for them to fall asleep. Young kids snore pretty well when they are tired. The older scouts are enjoying their Mic-O-Say activities and are planning for great ceremonies during the rest of the week. We're having a great camp and are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the week.    

Day 5- The Fifth Day

posted Jul 20, 2011, 2:04 PM by Troop 247

Well, it's back to reality and mess hall food but the food from home was great while it lasted and the boys were extremely appreciative. We're stiil active in the heat but the boys have been good about drinking fluids and keeping their portable fans handy so they have adjusted well. Of course it was a little difficult getting everyone up on Monday morning after the late ceremony on Sunday evening but the new foxman and braves were pretty proud of their accomplishments so that made up for the lack of sleep. After the mess hall visit in the morning, it was off to another round of merit badge classes and for some of the older boys, a well deserved morning nap. The boys are teaching games to each other during free time and are enjoying knocking each other off the knot board with challenges. You will have to ask them how it works but the object of the knot challenge is to get further along the knotboard than the other scouts. Watermelons are plentiful in the camp and are AWESOME after a long day of activities. It's definitely refreshing in this heat. The scouts are hitting their tents and they should sleep well tonight.  

Day 4- The fourth day

posted Jul 18, 2011, 2:25 PM by Troop 247

VISITOR'S SUNDAY!!! YES!!! While many of you were on the road coming down for the day, all the scouts were donning their finest and the troop was well represented by our GREAT scouts. Jay Peach and Ben Johnson provided music for one of the worship services and as usual, everyone was very impressed with their talents. After service it was time for last minute prep before everyone's arrival and as everyone can confirm, the boys did a great job getting the campsite ready and looked real sharp in their troop shirts. The food was incredible and the troop is very grateful for the leftovers that will be devoured later on. After the tour of the slushee machine by the first year scouts and some hiking tours of the reservation for the more adventurous, it was time to say goodbye to all the visitors and prepare for another night of ceremonies. As usual, the boys have made all the leaders and parents proud so we want to thank you for all you do to support the Troop.  It makes all the difference and we are all very grateful. 

Day 3- The third day

posted Jul 18, 2011, 2:10 PM by Troop 247

Saturday brought all the regular tasks of preparing for Visitor's Sunday. My tent IS clean....I DID take a shower....How big IS this tarp?...Where's my class A shirt? (oh, under my bed with my dirty towel... Yup..right where I left it. Honestly the boys are doing great and are ready to see their families and their food...or is it the FOOD and then the family? Either way they're pretty excited.  1st year scouts continue to work on their swimming, enviromental science and other badge work. 2nd year scouts are enjoying the lifesaving course since they can get in the pool, third year scouts are hitting ther lakefront for canoeing and the 4th year and older scouts are so comfortable they would like to run camp if possible.. More photos are coming but we have many sources so please be patient.

Day 2- The 2nd Day

posted Jul 16, 2011, 10:24 AM by Troop 247

Yes it is still hot but the boys are taking it in stride and are making the best of their camp experience. The new scouts are doing great for their first summer camp and they are definitely soaking up the experience. The trading post is a popular destination as always and the frozen slushee machine is the highlight of the post. The boys are doing great watching out for one another and reminding each other to drink plenty of water and they are continuing their merit badge work so be sure to ask them about their classes.  The campsite fire was a great centerpiece for a  campfire show that was one for the books. There is either GREAT talent in this troop or the heat just made them loopy funny because they put on some hilarious skits.We say it's great talent because you can see the laughter in some of the pictures and it is genuine belly bustin' laughter. After the campfire skit it was time for showers and some well deserved sleep. The scouts are anxious for visitor's Sunday and we are encouraging everyone to dress lightly and drink plenty of water. Also remember that we do not have refrigeration at camp so please bring items that don't spoil easily. P.S- We love half frozen water bottles!! See you Sunday.  

Day 1- The 1st Day

posted Jul 15, 2011, 1:02 PM by Troop 247

All is well in camp and although the heat is high the spirits are too. We had a very comical opening ceremony followed by a traditional scout campfire. The first year scouts are soaking up the experience and are doing very well. Just an FYI for parents of the older teenagers- Your son can get dressed and ready in less than 10 minutes. Trust us on this one! It's very impressive. The morning started with a fantastic breakfast of french toast, sausage, cereal and juice. After breakfast the scouts all went to their merit badge classes (swimming, lifesaving, forestry, enviromental science, etc.) After the morning classes was some free time and then lunch at noon. A bonus this year at camp is the addition of a salad bar in the mess hall and it's a big hit with the boys.We are being very careful with the heat and are making sure that all the boys are drinking plenty of water and staying as cool as possible. We are all making sure we are staying hydrated and everyone is looking out for one another. The days are hot but the evenings are decent so we're doing alright. More updates will be coming when time permits and of course we're all looking forward to visitor's Sunday. Enjoy the A/C in KC.

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