Tahosa Lodge Executive Committee

 Lodge LEC's (Lodge Executive Committee's) are held on the third Wednesday of the month, every month of the year. The LEC's are open to any interested Order member. See the Calendar for more information. 

On the site below, I will post the LEC schedule, notes from the LEC, Lodge Organization chart, updated Lodge Rosters, Chapter Chief and Chairmen Reports, and any other documents pertaining to the LEC in general. 

Since personal information will be shown on this site, I ask that you request permission to view the site. You have to have a Gmail account, and if you really care that much, you will make one.

Lodge Executive Committee

The function of the LEC is to present relevant Lodge information to the rest of the Lodge officers, including Lodge Chief and Lodge Vice Chief's. 

Positions on the LEC are open to Order of the Arrow members who Volunteer or run. If you would like to have a position on the Committee, you can attend Fall Fellowship, or attend a LEC and speak to the Lodge or Vice Chiefs.