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Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)- Aidan R.Y. 

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL)- Lucas M. 

ScoutMaster- Robert Leigh 

Assistant Scout Masters- Deepak Vishnu, 

Advancement Coordinator- Alan Dowding 

Troop Committee Chair- Roberta Dowding 

Boy Scouts fill a variety of leadership roles, also known as positions of responsibility, within the Troop.  

  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) - Highest-ranking youth leader in the troop.  Elected by his fellow Scouts.
  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) - Second highest ranking youth leader.  Appointed  by the SPL.
  • Patrol Leader - Leader of his patrol.  Elected by his fellow patrol members.
  • Assistant Patrol Leader - Assistant leader of his patrol.  Appointed by his Patrol Leader.
  • Quartermaster - Keeps track of Troop equipment.
  • Scribe - Keeps the Troop records.
  • Historian - Preserves Troop photographs, flags, trophies, and other memorabilia.
  • Librarian - Oversees the care and use of Troop printed and A/V materials.
  • Troop Guide - Works with new Scouts to help them acclimate to their Troop and learn essential Scouting skills.
  • Instructor - Teaches Scouting skills.
  • Chaplain Aide - Works with the troop chaplain to meet the religious needs of Scouts in the troop.
  • Den Chief - Works with Cub Scouts and assists Den Leaders in a Cub Scout Pack.
  • Bugler - Makes bugle calls at Troop activities.
  • Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (JASM) - Serves in the capacity of an Assistant Scoutmaster.
  • Order of the Arrow (OA) Representative - Serves as a liaison between his Troop and the local OA lodge or chapter.
  • Webmaster - Maintains the Troop Web site.

For a detailed description of these positions, visit MeritBadge.org.