Merit Badge Counselors

Merit badges are a key advancement tool in the Boy Scouts of American. They measure the abilities and hard work of Scouts through goal setting, objectives and life skills.
Scouts and counselors should read the Introduction to Merit Badges.   Be sure to check TroopMaster Web for a current list of Merit Badge Counselors!
Being a Merit Badge Counselor means you will meet with a minimum of two Scouts in your area every time they want to obtain a merit badge within your expertise. You will guide the Scout through the requirements, helping and mentoring the Scout through the process.   If you have an area of expertise like basket-weaving, a profession like aviation or engineering, or a life skill like cooking or communications, you could become a valuable asset to a Scout's development by becoming a merit badge counselor.
Merit Badge Counselor Requirements and Registration 
  • To qualify as a merit badge counselor, a volunteer must:
  • Register annually with the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be of good character.
  • Be proficient in the merit badge subject by vocation, avocation, or special training.
  • Be able to work with Scout-age youth.
  • Be approved by the district/council advancement committee. 
To register with the Boy Scouts of America, a potential merit badge counselor must complete the BSA's Adult Application form (No. 28-501Y; available in Spanish as No. 28-502S) and submit it along with the BSA Merit Badge Counselor Information form (No. 34405) to the BSA local council office. Renewal of this registration annually is necessary to continue as a merit badge counselor.  Youth Protection training is required for all BSA Troop 163 Merit Badge Counselors.  

A current list of Merit Badge Counselors can be found in Forms & Information.

Eagle required Merit Badge Counselors are below:
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Merit BadgeCounselorEagle Required
Merit BadgeCounselorEagle Required
Archery Jim Danks, Mike Epps  
Art Sharon Soder  
Astronomy Steve Williams  
Automotive Maintenance Tim Salasek  
Camping Dana Danks  
Citizenship In the Community Stan Davis, Jennifer Davies  
Citizenship In the Nation Stan Davis, Jennifer Davies  
Citizenship In the World Stan Davis, Jennifer Davies  
Collecting Mike Orgler  
Communications Jennifer Davies, Stephanie Salasek  
Cooking Monica Randall, Jon Thompson  
Dog Care Robin Isaacson  
Drafting Mike Orgler  
Emergency Preparedness Jon Thompson  
Environmental Science Summer Camp, Steve Williams  
Family Life Jennifer Davies, Marian Kohut  
First Aid Jon Thompson  
Fish and Wildlife Management Daren Long  
Fishing Mike Orgler  
Forestry Mike Orgler, Mike Epps  
Game Design Merle Rasmussen  
Gardening Mike Orgler, Sharon Soder  
Golf Larry Hemeseth  
Graphic Arts Sharon Soder  
Hiking Vacant  
Home Repairs Mike Orgler  
Indian Lore Dave Cook  
Journalism Sharon Soder  
Landscape Architecture Mike Orgler, Sharon Soder  
Lifesaving Summer Camp, Jon Thompson  
Mammal Study Dana Danks  
Medicine Jon Thompson  
Model Design and Building Mike Orgler  
Motor Boating Mike Orgler  
Nature Dana Danks  
Painting Mike Orgler, Sharon Soder  
Personal Fitness Marian Kohut  
Personal Management Marian Kohut, Jennifer Davies  
Pets Dana Danks  
Plant Science Mike Epps  
Public Health Marian Kohut  
Pulp and Paper Sharon Soder  
Reptile and Amphibian Study Dana Danks  
Rifle Shooting Jim Danks  
Safety Jon Thompson  
Shotgun Shooting Jim Danks, Daren Long  
Small-Boat Sailing Dana Danks  
Swimming Summer Camp  
Textile Robin Isaacson  
Veterinary Medicine Dana Danks  
Woodwork Mike Orgler  
Showing 51 items