Eagle Scout Honor Roll

"Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle"

The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest honor and achievement a youth member of the scouting organization can earn. This prestigious award can only be earned through hard work, dedication, leadership, moral character, and community service. Only 4 percent of youth who join Scouting earn this honor.

Boy Scout Troop 163 is very proud of the following members who have been able to attain the rank of Eagle Scout.

Please contact us if you are you a past Troop 163 Eagle Scout and not on the list.
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NameEagle Date
NameEagle Date
Danks, Joe 2004-06-06 
Cook, Jay 2005-05-27 
Johnson, Colton 2006-01-31 
Morrissey, Sean 2006-03-26 
Bruett, Jesse 2006-08-31 
Grim, Adam 2007-10-11 
Stall, Patrick 2008-10-25 
Davis, Sean 2008-11-18 
Duvick, Alex 2009-05-04 
McGee, Mitchell 2009-09-01 
Henderson, Brock 2009-09-02 
Danks, Jack 2010-03-21 
Hansen, Andrew 2010-07-08 
Grulke, Caleb 2010-11-02 
Ackerman, Clay 2010-12-22 
Smith, Adam 2011-08-22 
Hull, Bryce 2012-04-22 
Soder, Keegan 2012-04-24 
Hull, Brett 2012-05-12 
Norris, Josh 2012-10-10 
Konfrst, David 2012-11-20 
Grulke, Luther 2012-11-28 
Angell, Charles 2012-12-16 
Davies, Garret 2013-12-28 
Mathews, Nathan 2014-08-19 
Kohut-Jackson, Luke 2014-09-23 
Davis, Kyle 2014-12-10 
Douglas, Will 2015-05-26 
Fleener, Riley 2015-06-19 
Fulk, John 2016-07-21 
Orgler, Adam 2016-10-02 
Douglas, Sam 2016-11-20 
White, Bill 2016-12-14 
Mathews, Peter 2017-02-20 
Metcalf, Allestair 2017-03-23 
Showing 35 items