Adult Leader Directory

There are many different positions a leader can fulfill. Positions are voluntary and are often divided between 'uniform' and 'adult' roles.

Uniformed Scoutmasters are primarily responsible for organizing the activities of the Troop, and training the boys through the Scout program. Other roles include liaison with parents, districts, or other parties such as our chartered organization.

Adult volunteers are not always termed Scoutmaster; although they assist with activities and training. Beyond the Scout program, adult volunteers may take responsibility for administrative tasks such as budgets, managing properties, recruitment, equipment, transport, and many other roles.

Youth Protection training is required for all BSA volunteers, regardless of their position.

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Daren Long Advancement Chair 
Tim Salasek Assistant Scoutmaster  
Daren Long Assistant Scoutmaster  
Andrew Boyko Assistant Scoutmaster  
Mark Lewis Chaplain Advisor  
Tammy Johnson Chartered Organization Representative  
Penny Soat Committee Chair 
Jim Danks Eagle Scout Advisor  
Tim Salasek Equipment Chair  
vacant Fundraising Chair  
Stephanie Emery Health Officer  
vacant Historian Advisor  
Jon and Leann Thompson Hospitality Chair  
Mike Epps  Membership Chair  
vacant Merit Badge Coordinator  
Penny Soat/Tim Salasek Program/Activities Chair  
Bill White Scoutmaster 
Monica Randall  Secretary  
Andrew Boyko Training Chair  
Stacie Coomes Treasurer 
vacant Wellness Chair  
Showing 21 items