Scout Info

PLC (Patrol Leadership Council) Meeting: 12/16/16
Information Discussed
No meetings for the next 3 weeks because of winter break. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
January 10 (2017): Adult Committee Meeting: all parents are welcome to attend
January 13: Patrol Gear Inventory Meeting
January 20: Winter Sports and campout signup for Rochelle (1/27-29)
February 3: PLC Meeting and Troop Meeting afterwards: Patrol Leader and Order of the Arrow Election #1 in addition to Troop Trivia Night
February 7: Another adult committee meeting
February 10: Signs, Codes, and Signals meeting
February 11: Ski trip (more details to come later)
February 17: Pinewood Derby Meeting/Campout signup

PLC (Patrol Leadership Council) Meeting: 11/18/16
Information Discussed
Everything went generally well: better than last campout. 
Next two meetings are on CPR after Thanksgiving Break. If you attend both, according to SPL, you will not have to attend CPR night at Camp Makajawan this summer. 
Please continue to sell wreaths: If you have below 15, step up your game. If it's in the 20s, keep on working. If you're at 30 or above, well done and keep selling! 

PLC (Patrol Leadership Council) Meeting: 10/28/16 
Information Discussed
During last week's campout, 10/21-10/23, set up and take down went pretty well. 
Meals need to be a little more creative with more effort (some were).
Duty roster needs to be implemented more and scouts need to fulfill their duties more during campouts. 
Food that's bought and payed for must be fully taken advantage of: preferable no left over food. 
Get tents into troop meetings sooner than later. 
Skits need to be improved. 
Backpacking trip in Colorado to occur: more info. coming up. 
More info. on Boundary Waters and Canoe trip coming up. 

PLC (Patrol Leadership Council) Meeting: 9/30/16
Information Discussed
Patrol Conditions in September camp out (9/23-9/25): some scouts did not get the whole experience they should have on campouts due to lack of duty roster. Duty roster should be enforced within patrols in the future to improve this.
Mr. Dutton's input: younger scouts should possibly spend more time with older scouts to gain more experience from them and learn.

PLC (Patrol Leadership Council) Meeting: 9/16/16
Information Discussed
Duty Roster: needs to be focused on during camp outs. 
OKPIK Winter Camping Adventure mentioned: way to "expand your High Adventure outings--into Winter!"