Our Troop uses Shutterfly for picture sharing.  Camp-outs, APE, Court of Honor and all other events. Pictures can be found on our Troop Shutterfly website.  Follow the instructions below to gain access to all these great pictures!

Instructions for Shutterfly

Already have an Account and Access
If you already have a Shutterfly account and Access, the you can start looking at pictures.  

Sign-up for a new Shutterfly Account
If you don't have an account, sign-up for a new Shutterfly account and then request to be added to the Troop 158 Shutterfly group.  See "Gain Access" below to request for the Troops Shutterfly group.  

How to request access to Troop 158's Shutterfly Group
Through Shutterfly, request access to Troop's Shutterfly site.  You will be sent an email back telling you that you have been granted access.