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Webelos Visits

Troop 158 would be delighted to host your Webelos for one of their troop visits!

First Visit

We invite you to schedule your first Webelos visit to our Troop anytime that we have a regular Troop meeting scheduled.  Check our troop calendar (on our home page) or contact us for a list of upcoming dates.

Our Scouts will welcome the Webelos and incorporate them into the meeting activities as if they were already boy scouts for the duration of the meeting. Webelos will experience a regular meeting first-hand, and are encouraged to ask the Scouts their questions.

After the meeting opening, an Assistant Scoutmaster with the troop will meet with parents to discuss the specifics of Troop 158, the differences between Webelos and Boy Scouts, and to answer any questions that you have.  Parents  are then encouraged to join the troop parents to observe the Scout meeting in progress, and ask any additional questions that arise. 

Second Visit

After (hopefully) visiting several Scout troops in the area, your Webelos may be interested in visiting us again.  Wonderful!  There is no need to schedule this visit in advance, you are welcome anytime!  Just be sure to verify the date either via our troop calendar (on the home page) or by contacting us directly.

We look forward to seeing you soon!