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Camping Trips, Super Trips, and More...
Our troop loves to go camping and take fun trips during the summer. The group to the left went to Washington DC for our "Super Trip" over the summer and learned much about our government and US history. Escorted by a group of Scout Masters and parents, this group toured Washington, Arlington, the Capital Building and the White House. 

Camping trips are scheduled for once a month. We usually go for two nights and work on some type of merit badges. We have a troop trailer and haul all our gear to the site and set-up camp. We will go on hikes and play games during the trip.  We occasionally will do a "hike-in" trip, but for the most part we like to use our Troop Trailer haul our gear in saving time for us to bond as a Troop.  We love to cook and eat very well on our camping trips. The scouts learn how to plan, prepare and cook meals. While camping, there is always time for fun.
Camp Old Indian
During the summer our troop visits Camp Old Indian to work on merit badges, swimming, hiking, Ultimate Frisbee and more. We end of staying at our normal camp site called "Big Rock". Camp lasts a week and runs from Sunday
to Saturday. Through fund raising efforts a camper can pay for his camp 100% and many have done this in the past. We typically have anywhere from 15 to 25 campers and 4 to 5 adult leaders.  The campers have free time to explore and build good friendships with each other.  Camp Old Indian is usually the highlight of any new scouter and something they will remember forever. 

Our Weekly Meetings
Our weekly meetings are run by the Scouts.  We usually are working on Rank Advancements, Merit Badges, and setting aside time for fun.  We really want our our scouts to enjoy the meetings, have an opportunity for leadership, and building relationships.  We meet monthly with our Patrol Leaders to discuss upcoming meetings and to plan out our future meetings.  Our Scouts do the planning and set the agendas.  As Parent Leaders, we offer advice and mentoring during these meetings.  
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