Board of Review for Scouts

<This page is a work in progress>

Each rank has a Board or Review which is the final step to complete the rank.
Troop 14 typically schedules Boards of Review for the 3rd Monday of the Month.

How to Schedule a Board of Review?
  1. Complete all your rank requirements and have book signed off
  2. Complete ScoutMaster Conference
  3. In TroopKit, go to ....

What to wear?
Scouts should come in full BSA Class-A Uniform.  Full Uniform includes:
  • Merit Badge Sash or Order of the Arrow Sash
  • Neckerchief with Slide
  • Clean Uniform Shirt with all patches current
  • Scout Belt
  • Scout Pants or Shorts
  • Scout Socks
Scouts should be prepared to discuss anything on their uniform.

What to bring?
Each Scout should bring their Scout Handbook and Scout Binder containing their Scouting achievements and history.  It should contain:
  • BSA Membership ID card
  • Totin’ Chip and Firem’n Chit Cards (copies, original should be in person)
  • Rank Advancement Cards
  • Merit Badge Blue Cards
  • Other Awards Earned
  • Merit Badge Work/History
  • Photos of Scout Outings (optional)
  • Court of Honor Reports (optional)

How to prepare for a Board of Review?
  • Don't be nervous.  Board of Review is not a Test.
  • Arrive on time, in Full Class-A Uniform, with Scout Book and Binder.
  • Scouts should review the rank requirements, and be prepared to discuss any of the requirements.
  • They should make sure they know the Scout Oath, Law, Slogan, etc and be prepared to recite from memory, and comment on the various points including what they mean to the scout.  Example:  "Tell me about the 12th point of the Scout Law, and how you live up to it."