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Boy Scouting with Troop 132 in Carmel.

Carmel Boy Scouts pick a wide variety of camping and outing experiences year-in and year-out.  The boys often select an annual program that incorporates high adventure summer trips such as back-country canoeing in the Minnesota boundary waters, backpacking in the mountains, caving, water sports, cycling, horseback riding, shotgun and rifle shooting, winter camping, skiing, and of course, summer camp.

Michael Carroll Eagle Court of Honor Carmel Boy Scouts Michael Carroll Eagle Court of Honor
Michael Carroll's Eagle Court of Honor was held on February 23, 2013 at Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church. Many scouts and scout leaders played a part in Michael's big day. A special presentation was given to Michael at the end of the ceremony on behalf of the Marine Corps League. A small reception was held in the lower level following the ceremony.

Tom Sheridan Eagle Project 2012 Carmel Boy Scouts Tom Sheridan Eagle Project 2012
Tom built a shed for the VFW in Carmel to house flags and materials to be retired.

Phil Brunner Eagle Project 2012 Carmel Boy Scouts Phil Brunner Eagle Project 2012
Phil's project involved constructing an arboretum at Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School. He classified all the trees on campus and constructed signs for 30 of them.

Tim Williams Eagle Project 2012 Carmel Boy Scouts Tim Williams Eagle Project 2012
Tim's project was completed for MacGregor Park located at the corner of Hwy 31 and Hwy 38 in Westfield. He created an entry sign for the passive nature park as well as mile markers in 1/4 mile increments for their trail. Finally, a constructed a covered information kiosk at the trail head so that the park can post events and information.

Daniel Kahn Eagle Project 2012 Carmel Boy Scouts Daniel Kahn Eagle Project 2012
Daniel constructed a picnic table and landscaped an area for the table at the Shelbourne Soccer Fields.

Will Meyer Eagle Project 2012 Carmel Boy Scouts Will Meyer Eagle Project 2012
Will enhanced the Carmel Friend's Church entrance by adding new landscaping to the area.

December 2012 Winter War Carmel Boy Scouts December 2012 Winter War
Just two days after Christmas, nine scouts and several adult leaders loaded up several vehicles and headed north to Kalkaska, Michigan. The scouts enjoyed snow-related activities, tent and cabin tenting, and a visit to the US Coast Guard station in Traverse City. They arrived safely back in Carmel just in time to celebrate New Year's Eve with family.

Michael Carroll's Eagle Project Carmel Boy Scouts Michael Carroll's Eagle Project
Michael's Eagle project consisted of restoring a 40 year old ticket booth at the Indiana Transportation Museum in Noblesville. With the help of fellow scouts and scout leaders, the ticket booth was transformed into an updated version. The museum is hoping to open the booth in the spring to sell tickets for train rides.

Will Meyer and Phil Bruner Eagle Court of Honor Carmel Boy Scouts Will Meyer and Phil Bruner Eagle Court of Honor
New Eagle Scouts, Will Meyer and Phil Bruner, shared their Court of Honor on January 6, 2013 at Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School.

Good Samaritan Lock-in Carmel Boy Scouts Lock-in

Scoutish Highland Games Carmel Boy Scouts Scoutish Highland Games
Members of Troop 132 attended their first Scoutish Highland Games in Richmond, KY. Here they were the only Troop from out of state. They enjoyed competing against other teams in games such as tug-of-war, tomahawk throwing, caber tossing, rock throwing, and relays. The location was out in the country, up in the hills. In the morning there was a bagpiper, and during the dinner hour, there were 7 bagpipers and a drummer. The boys did very well in their events which involved teamwork, delegation and negotiation. It was a wonderful outing to go to.

Nick Niehaus Eagle Court of Honor Carmel Boy Scouts Nick Niehaus Eagle Court of Honor
Nick Niehaus received his Eagle rank in December of 2011. His Court of Honor was held March 11, 2012. It was attended by many scouts, family and friends of Nick's.

Nick Niehaus' Eagle Project-Reading is Freedom Carmel Boy Scouts Nick Niehaus' Eagle Project-Reading is Freedom
Nick Niehaus' Eagle Project, Reading is Freedom, was a great success.

Sean Carroll's Eagle Court of Honor Carmel Boy Scouts Sean Carroll's Eagle Court of Honor
On February 25, 2012, Sean was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church. His parents, relatives, friends, and fellow scouts joined him to celebrate his achievement. Fr. Adam Mauman provided the invocation and benediction. Mr. Elliot served as the Master of Ceremonies. Sean's brothers, Robert and Michael, were included in the ceremony; serving in the Color Guard and the Honor Guard. Sean was also awarded the Good Citizenship Award by the Indianapolis Marine Corps League. All were invited to continue the celebration at a reception held in the lower level of the church.

Sean Carroll's Eagle Project Carmel Boy Scouts Sean Carroll's Eagle Project
On September 3, 10, and 11, Sean put together a collection drive to help gather items for Hoosier soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the help of his troop, he was able to fill 170 care packages with much needed items for the soldiers. He also received enough monetary donations to pay for all of the shipping costs.

Muskegon Winter Outing Carmel Boy Scouts Muskegon Winter Outing
Over MLK Jr weekend, the Troop went to Muskegon State Park to camp in the snow for our winter outing. We built igloos, had fun snowball fights, and of course, above all, went luging. Leo had the record with 30 MPH. Other top scores included 29 and 28 MPH. Afterwards, we went to eat pizza and watch an NFC Football game. Overall, the trip was very fun and exciting. Click here for a video.

Good Samaritan Lock-in Carmel Boy Scouts Good Samaritan Lock-in
Many people from the troop came to assist the Good Samaratan foundation to organize and put away items. After that we went back to the church and played games and ate pizza. Some went to slept after dodge ball and indoor capture the flag. Others stayed up and played Magic and other board games.

Zip-lining Outing Carmel Boy Scouts Zip-lining Outing
This outing was complete success and so much fun. Fortunately no one was injured. On Friday we went zip lining early afternoon and then went hiking to Cifty Falls. Some went in to visit gift shop while the others stayed out to play soccer. Once everyone was back everyone had a giant game of SPUD. The winner was Scott and the runner up was Brenden.

Halloween Outing Carmel Boy Scouts Halloween Outing
The Halloween Outing was a complete success. Over 70 scouts and adults attended. Many if not all of the Weblos had a great time the day before Halloween. It was an even better success thanks to Mrs. Maunhaut's cooking. I doubt anyone in the world could possibly cooked such great food even though rushed by 50 starving scouts. Also special thanks to Mrs. Anderson. Without her this would have never happened in the first place.

Webelos Outing Carmel Boy Scouts Webelo Outing
The Webelo Outing at the end of September was a blast. We had a couple of Webleos come and they had the time of their lives. During the outing we helped them with an activity badge and they got to finish it. Along with the badge we got to teach them some outdoor skills and tips. I'm sure they will always have those skills in mind when they cross over to Boy Scouts.

Court of Honor Carmel Boy Scouts Court of Honor
During the Court of Honor in August we recognized many advancements and accomplishments. Mrs. Sheridan spoke about the popcorn sales and how you can win prizes. Then Mr. Dobie spoke about the annual payments to the troop and our budget. Snacks were enjoyed by all thanks to Mr. Stock for popcorn and Mrs. Burfeind for ice cream.

Catapult contest Carmel Boy Scouts Catapult contest
On Saturday, August 6th, Troop 132 participated in the Del Mi Catapult Contest. The event was hot, but fun. Troop 132 came in 2nd place for all individual contests and was the overall winner. This makes three years in a row! We rule! The day ended in a water ballon fight enjoyed by all!

Summer Outing Carmel Boy Scouts Summer Outing
The 2011 summer camp outing was full of fun, fire, knights and blood. We had 4 knife injuries, 1 case of back spasms, 3 cases of homesickness, half a dozen dehydrations due to the high heat, and a record, ten stitches set by Nick Baldini. On Monday, the heat reached over 110 degrees adding 2 heat strokes to our list of injuries. On a positive note, our troop won back the ridge award after losing it last year. Our scouts earned lots of merit badges and we have five more Firecrafters in our troop. Congratulations to all for winning back the ridge award and becoming Firecrafters!

Carmel 4th of July Parade Carmel Boy Scouts Carmel 4th of July Parade
“COKE, DIET COKE, SPRITE, WATER! POPCORN AND CANDY TOO!” This year’s 4th of July parade was a hot and sunny one. That was the most beautiful part about it. People were buying water left and right, popcorn to fulfill their hunger, and then soda to quench their thirsts after the popcorn made their throat dry. We had about fifteen kids come ready to earn their troop money and get some service hours. We gained over $1000 and had one of our best years of sales. Congratulations to all the scouts that helped us earn all this money!

Spring Outing Carmel Boy Scouts Spring Outing
On March 19th, 2011, the new scouts of 2011 went on their first outing. The troop went to Ransburg and stayed at quail run. As soon as lunch was over, the troop split into two groups. One group went to the shooting range to shoot shotguns and rifles. The younger kids and campers, who didn’t go shooting, stayed back and did many things. They got their Toten’ Chip and Fireman Chit which are two things that every scout gets. The night was great. The troop ate breakfast and took down their tents and headed on their way back home. It was a very fun campout.

Scoutmaster Ceremony Carmel Boy Scouts Scoutmaster Ceremony
Troop 132 celebrated Mr. Maenhout's retirement as Scoutmaster. Mr. and Mrs. Maenhout received several gifts of appreciation from the Troop for their leadership. They were presented with a photo album that was put together by Mrs. Baldini. Mrs. Burfeind had a certificate of appreciation framed along with some pictures. The Boy Scouts also wrote letters and notes of appreciation that were put together in a book. Mrs. Maenhout was given a blanket with the names of all the Boy Scouts from Troop 132 stitched on the blanket. There were 15 Scouts that earned their Eagle rank while Mr. Maenhout was Scoutmaster. We are glad that Mr. and Mrs. Maenhout will still be around to help with the troop, but the leadership was handed over to Mr. Elliot at the same meeting. Welcome Mr. Elliot, and we know he will do a great job as the new fearless leader of Troop 132.

Winter Camporee Carmel Boy Scouts Winter Camporee
On January 28, about 15 Scouts from Troop 132 joined other troops at Camp K for a winter camporee. Some of the activities that were held were fire starting, plant and animal identification, and cooking. Everyone had a fun time. There were some snowball fights between the kids and the adults.

Climb Time Indy Lockin Carmel Boy Scouts Climb Time Indy Lockin
Approximately 20 Scouts arrived at Climb Time Towers in Fishers on January 15. A lock-in was held. The Scouts spent the night at Climb Time where they climbed the walls until 3 a.m. when Mr. Williams and Mr. Small said we had to go to bed. From 7 - 9 p.m. we got climbing instruction from Don Dickerson. Many of the scouts completed the merit badge requirements for Climbing. This was a 5 star outing. If you missed this one, try and join the Troop if they do this in 2011.

Court of Honor Carmel Boy Scouts Court of Honor
On Monday, December 13, 2010, Troop 132 held their Court of Honor at the new VFW. The VFW and Carmel Friends church charter Troop 132. This was Mr. Maenhout's last court of honor. We played a game called "How well do you know Mr. Maenhout" and then he shared some thoughts with the troop and everyone gave him a standing ovation. Popcorn prizes were awarded at the meeting. The top seller of Troop 132 was Colin Maenhout. The Purple Antelopes won the Patrol prize for selling the most popcorn. Merit badges and ranks advancements were awarded. Each patrol performed hilarious skits. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Maenhout for providing great leadership to our troop.

Overnight at Carmel Friends Church Carmel Boy Scouts Overnight at Carmel Friends Church
On Friday, December 10, 2010, twenty troop members and several adults participated in the Good Samaritan Christmas give-away. They helped sort clothes and other items at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. After completing our tasks, we returned to the church for an overnight. The highlight of the evening were the skits performed fireside by the Scouts. Saturday morning we had an interfaith service at the church. Thank you to everyone who participated. A good time was had by all.

Troop 132 Halloween Outing Carmel Boy Scouts Troop 132 Halloween Outing
On October 30 Troop 132 had their second annual haunted house. We invited the Webelos for some scary times and happy treats. Mr. Baldini taught geocaching to the Boy Scouts in the afternoon. He also taught geoaching to the Webelos when they arrived. Everyone participated in a geocache treasure hunt in the afternoon. Dinner was delicious. A troop favorite was the s’mores cobbler. Special thanks to Mrs. Maenhout, our mighty grubmaster. She and her team of scouts worked hard to prepare dinner for over 70 people. The haunted house was amazing. We did a good job of scaring the Webelos. Mr. Elliot entertained us with a scary story. Everyone had a good time, and Troop 132 is looking forward to Haunted House 2011.

Boy Scouts of Troop 132 at Red River Gorge in Kentucky Boy Scouts of Troop 132 at Red River Gorge in Kentucky
On October 22, Will Meyer, Scott Small, Alan Thompson and Nick and Andrew Baldini traveled to Slade, Kentucky, to hike around the Red River Gorge. Mr. Maenhout and his brother-in-law and Mrs. Baldini and Mr. Small also went on the outing. The Red River Gorge is in the Daniel Boone National Forest. On Friday we went to the Via Ferrata. It is a rock climbing wall in a horseshoe canyon. The Via Ferrata has a special cable system for climbers. There are hand and foot rungs in the sandstone wall. We climbed the intermediate section, and Nick Baldini climbed the advanced section of the rock climb. Rock climbing was the trip highlight. On Saturday, We hiked on trails and crossed Princess Arch. Princess Arch is a natural bridge in the Red River Gorge. There are bears and venomous snakes in the gorge, but we didn’t see any. On Saturday night, we watched our dinner cook over an open flame at Dairy Queen. Red River Gorge was a fun place to visit. It was a different kind of adventure for the Boy Scouts from Troop 132. See more great pictures of the Kentucky climbing and backpacking trip.

Boy Scouts of Troop 132 at Cool Creek Park Carmel Boy Scouts Boy Scouts of Troop 132 at Cool Creek Park
On Monday, October 11, Troop 132 took part in a troop mobilization for the Emergency Preparedness merit badge. The mobilization took place at Cool Creek Park where we met with a Hamilton County Sheriff and his K-9, Scout. The Boy Scouts divided into several groups and formed a police line to look for the older scouts who were the “lost” kids. The Ninjas were the first to find the older scouts in the woods. One group was complimented on their organization. They remembered to walk side-by-side and to have members count-off every few minutes to make sure no one was lost. Colin Maenhout and Will Meyer hid deep in the dark Cool Creek Woods. They were the “lost” kids, but luckily our sharp skills helped get them home safely. Thank you to Mr. Baldini for helping with this fun activity.

On Oct. 3, Boy Scout Nick Baldini received the rank of Eagle Scout. Carmel Boy Scouts On Oct. 3, Boy Scout Nick Baldini received the rank of Eagle Scout.
On October 3, Boy Scout Nick Baldini received the rank of Eagle Scout at Wood Wind Golf Club during his Eagle Court of Honor. Many family and friends came to watch his awesome ceremony and then enjoyed refreshments. Congratulations to Nick as he received the highest rank in Boy Scouts! Nick, your troop is proud of you!

The Boy Scouts of 132 at Cool Creek Park for their Court of Honor Carmel Boy Scouts The Boy Scouts of 132 at Cool Creek Park for their Court of Honor
On Sunday, August 29, Troop 132 spent the afternoon recognizing what the Boy Scouts had achieved in the Troop over the last few months. These achievements where recognized at the Court of Honor at Cool Creek Park. Thanks to Mrs. Burfeind for the ice cream and Mr. Stock for the kettle corn. We appreciate all the planning that went into this special event. Congratulations, scouts for all of your hard work!

Carmel Boy Scout Troop 132 Builds Monkey Bridge at Indiana State Fair. Carmel Boy Scouts Carmel Boy Scout Troop 132 Builds Monkey Bridge at Indiana State Fair.
Under the direction of Mr. Ogle, Troop 132 spent a day at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in the Boy Scout area by building a rope monkey bridge for guests to walk across. Arriving early on Saturday morning, the Scouts and adults spent a couple of hours constructing a 15 foot rope bridge that would support younger guests. A young boy name Pete was the first to cross the bridge shortly after the fair opened in the morning and you can see he had a great time! You can also see some nice pictures of the new permanent Boy Scout bridge that was constructed during the summer to celebrate the BSA's 100 year anniversary.

Carmel Boy Scout Troop 132 2010 water outing. Carmel Boy Scouts Carmel Boy Scout Troop 132 2010 water outing.
More water outing pictures and video. For the ump-teenth year in a row, Troop 132 visited Mississinewa Reservoir for the annual water outing in August. We camped in the Miami State Rec Area youth campsite which is very close to the waterfront. Everybody had a great time swimming, skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing on the lake. We were able to get 3 speedboats again this year so everybody, including adults, had plenty of fun out on the water during the day. On Friday night, we stayed up to watch the Perseid meteor showers that were very neat. When people were not boating, there was plenty of card games, reading time, and wiffle ball this year. The adult skills in wiffle ball were in full display as the boys took a bone-crushing defeat. Meals were great, and the adults under the grubmastering of Mr. Casati, ate like royalty. See more great pictures of the water outing.

Troop 132 Carmel wins Catapult Contest again Carmel Boy Scouts Troop 132 Carmel wins Catapult Contest again
Troop 132 Boy Scouts from Carmel took home their second consecutive catapult contest grand championship in 2010. The Troop had a very good turnout of experienced and younger Scouts during the day. Not only did we win the overall championship, but took 1st place in pioneering skills, 1st in accuracy, and 3rd in targets. After almost setting a record for the longest accidental backward toss of a balloon at -91 feet, we recovered to show our true skills. SPL Tom S. has now won the championship 2 years in a row so we're counting on him for next year.

2010 Carmel Troop 132 Philmont Backpacking High Adventure. Carmel Boy Scouts Carmel Troop 132 Ransburg Summer Camp.
The Troop 132 Boy Scouts went to the Philmont, NM high adventure camp for a week of backpacking in the mountains. They also did a white water trip and stopped at the Air Force Academy. See more pictures of the Philmont Backpacking High Adventure trip.

2010 Carmel Troop 132 Ransburg Summer Camp. Carmel Boy Scouts Carmel Troop 132 Ransburg Summer Camp.
Troop 132 Boy Scouts from Carmel attended Ransburg summer camp on Lake Monroe near Bloomington, Indiana during July. There were 30 Scouts for the weeklong activity and we camped at the Dogwood site this year. It was very hot, muggy, and rainy during our week this year. But everybody was able to get through all of their merit badge classes as well as have a great time. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate on family pizza night.  A patrol from the group won the camp-wide game for the second year in a row. A group of older boys also set the record during a meal for finishing off 18 pitchers of water and juice, easly eclipsing the old 17 pitcher record. All of the first year Scouts completed their Swimming, Canoeing, and Leathercraft merit badges, a great start for them in Boy Scouts! A great thanks to Tom S. for filling in as the SPL while Nick B. was returning from Philmont early in the week.

Nick Baldini Eagle Scout Project. Carmel Boy Scouts Nick Baldini Eagle Scout Project.
Carmel Boy Scout Nick Baldini completed his Eagle Scout Project during the 2010 summer with Troop 132. Nick's project was to build planters and garden spots for The Little Sisters of the Poor in Indianapolis. Under Nick's leadership, volunteers helped build 3 moveable planters and created a new raised garden area.

Nic Muller's Eagle Project Carmel Boy Scout Troop 132. Carmel Boy Scouts Nic Muller Eagle Project
Carmel Boy Scout Nic Muller's Eagle Project helped restore the the Diabetes Camp acoustical instruments in one of their outdoor activity areas. Nic organized and led a number of his fellow Boy Scouts to rebuild a number of pvc sound instruments, pipe chimes, and an outdoor drum set. He also had the activity area drainage corrected by altering some trenches, and had the area mulched. Nic's project was conducted over a couple of weekends and he had some great support to get it done.  The campers will now be able to make a lot of noise with the repaired instruments and the various pvc pipe musical tubes. Watch the video showing the percussion instruments in action.

Backpacking in the Hoosier National Forest Carmel Troop 132. Carmel Boy Scouts Backpacking
Carmel Boy Scout Troop 132 visited the Hoosier National Forest and went for a weekend backpacking trip to the Deam Wilderness area. For the first year Scouts, this was their first backcountry camping experience, needing to carry everything in their pack, filter water, and all other great things that go with being in the wilderness overnight. We had a great campsite next to a pond. Not much wildlife to be seen but there was a turtle. The Hickory Ridge fire tower was a big hit as the Scouts went to the top to view the forest from the lookout.

Spring Camporee Carmel Troop 132. Carmel Boy Scouts Camporee
Boy Scout Carmel Troop 132 participated in the Del-Mi District Spring Camporee at Camp Ransburg in April. 11 Scouts attended and placed first in the Catapult contest, and third in the Mystery of the Five Realms challenge. Watch the Camporee video. It was a very wet, rainy weekend but the boys did very well throughout it all and had a great time. Everyone was very tired on the way home but looking forward to the next outing.

Monkey Bridge for Pack 112 Crossover. Carmel Boy Scouts Crossover bridge
Watch the Pack 112 crossover video. Boy Scout's Carmel Troop 132 helped Pack 112 at its Blue and Gold ceremony. Our traditional monkey rope bridge was built for the second-year Webelos to crossover into Boy Scouts.

Spring 2010 March Court of Honor. Carmel Boy Scouts Troop 132 Court of Honor
Carmel Boy Scout Troop 132 held its Spring Court of Honor to recognize Scouts that earned rank advancement and merit badges since December. SPL Nic and his ASPL Tom ran a great COH. The turnout was excellent and everybody had a great time afterwards with the food pitch-in.

First Year Boy Scouts Campout at Ransburg March 2010. Boy Scouts first campout
The new Boy Scouts that crossed over from Webelos completed their first campout. We went to Ransburg and camped at Hickory Ridge. We had fantastic weather. The Scouts hiked around the camp to learn about it, and completed a number for Tenderfoot requirements. During this outing, a lot of work and safety with wood tools (hatchets, knives, axe) was completed. We also covered many fire skills, safety, and cooking requirements. The boys and adults had a great time and are looking forward to the April outing already.  Carmel Troop 132 had another great outing.

Webelos Crossover Monkey Bridge February 2010. Crossover Monkey Rope Bridge
Carmel Troop 132 put their expert pioneering skills to work and built a really nice monkey rope crossover bridge for Pack 132 in Carmel this year. They had their Webelos ceremony during the Blue & Gold banquet in February. Every year, we build a bridge for Packs that crossover Webelos to Troop 132. Watch the crossover video.

Muskegon Michigan February 2010. More Photos
Carmel Boy Scout Troop 132 traveled to Muskegon, MI to camp for a few days at the Gerber Boy Scout camp. All day Sunday, we went to the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex. They have a luge track that everybody was able to do. You go about 25 MPH and it takes about 17 seconds from start to finish. Mike v. Mike Luge Video Troop Luge Video clips. We all got to go as many times as we wanted over 4 hours. We also ice skated, they have a neat trail through the woods and rinks. Adults went snowshoeing and crosscountry skiing. At camp, we built an igloo and 4 Scouts slept in it overnight. It was really hard to break down the next day. Igloo Video

Del-Mi Winter Camporee January 2010.
Troop 132 from Carmel came home with 2nd place overall in Troop skills, and 3rd place overall in Patrol competition skills at the Winter Camporee. The theme was Lights, Camera, Action. And Troop 132 based its movie around Jaws. We had a giant set of shark teeth at the entrance to our camp, and a swimmer with a shark chasing him as tokens to carry around all day. Our LandShark skit from SNL came in second place. We thought it was easily the best and should have won this year. The competitions were a lot of fun this year and the camping was nice and cold.

Harrison Crawford State Forest November 2009.
132 from Carmel went to Harrison Crawford State Forest in Southern Indiana for a weekend of backpacking. It was the first time we've ever been there. The AHT (Adventure Hiking Trail) runs around the park and is about 24 miles. It was opening season for deer hunting so we had to be careful. Older boys did the much harder hike and covered a lot of miles. The first year Scouts did about 8 miles and covered an easier stretch of the forest. It was a really nice place with a lot of tough terrain. We'd like to go back sometime and do more of it. There are places where it runs right along the edge of the Ohio River and you're about 300-400 feet up on a ridge. For all the water near by, you can't get to any of it while hiking. You really need to cache water along the way.

Halloween outing for Webelos 2009.
For Halloween this year, we decided to create a haunted house along with a Webelos campout at Central Park in Carmel. The weather was very stormy so the campout was lousy, but it made for a great haunted house. 8 or 9 Webelos showed up to do the orienteering course through the woods at night. Then we had them come in the old, rickety house where we setup a scary set of rooms upstairs. We had a chainsaw killer, a fortune teller, some really neat blacklight rooms, and all kinds of spiders and creepy stuff. It was "killer" fun.

USAF Museum September 2009.
Carmel Troop 132 visited the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH. The museum is very cool with aircraft from the Wright Brothers all the way to current spacecraft. They have many WW I, WW II, cold war, and recent things.  Some of the neater things are an Apollo spacecraft, a predator drone, an SR 71, a hovercraft, missiles and rockets, a bunch of WW II aircraft, and the Presidential hanger with all kinds of experimental planes. 

Catapult Contest August 2009.
Carmel Boy Scout Troop 132 showed up and won the overall Championship this year. The Scouts took first place in Distance and Accuracy. They took second in Targets, and third place in Pioneering skills. SPL Tom S. along with Nic and Andrew B., David and Daniel I., Mike O., Mike C., Leo H., Graham H., Cam and Wil E.

Ransburg Summer Camp July 2009.
36 Scouts attended Ransburg summer camp, including 9 first year Scouts. Boy Scout's Carmel Troop 132 won the Ridge award for at least the 6th year in a row. The pioneering projects were excellent as almost everyone pitched in an built some really great things. This year, the Troop camped at Pine Grove on Ridge 1 instead of its usual spots on Ridge 4. Pine Grove was very nice plus the weather was excellent for the week. Highs of mid-80's and nighttime temps in the 60's. Over 85 merit badges were earned this year and 3 boys completed Firecrafter (Jacob M., Sean C., and Phillip B.). Each of the Firecrafter candidates treated the Troop to a campfire program that were very good and funny. Mr. Maenhout thought the dining hall was especially good this year. The boys bought hammocks at the trading post and create some "hammock condos" in the trees, and needed to construct some pioneering ladders to get to the second and third levels. Many are already looking forward to the merit badges they plan to work on next year at camp.

Boundary Waters Canoeing June 2009.
Troop 132 and Venture Crew Scouts from Carmel spent a week canoeing in the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota and bordering Canada. Two crews of Scouts and adults paddled through the many lakes and streams during the first week in June, exploring true backwoods camping and nature.

Shades State Park Troop outing June 2009.
A weekend trip to Shades is always fun. This year, about 16 Scouts decided to join the outing and it was a lot of fun. Many of the first year Scouts had a chance to work on a lot of their Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class requirements. A 5 mile hike was accomplished along with identifying 10 animals, and 10 plants during the walk. Some cooking requirements, and skills with fires and camp stoves were done. For games, SPUD was the game of choice on this outing with Kyle W. almost always the first out. There was a huge downpour in the middle of Saturday, but everyone stayed dry under the White Whale.

Horseback riding at Lonestar Ranch April 2009.
Lonestar Ranch for a horseback outing has become a must-have on the annual schedule for the past 3 years. The folks at Lonestar let Carmel Boy Scout Troop 132 camp on their ranch and during the weekend, we learn a lot about horses. They help us get our Horsemanship merit badge by teaching us how to care for a horse, and then going on a ride through the forest.

Shotgun shooting and new Scout first outing March 2009.
An outing to Ransburg Scout Camp near Bloomington, IN was on the schedule for March. This is a good trip for the first year Scouts because they get a chance to see where we'll be spending summer camp, plus they get to work on a lot of requirements during the weekend. Almost all the first year boys earned their Totin Chip and Firem'n Chit. The older Scouts had a chance to spend Saturday learning and practicing rifle and shotgun shooting. Everybody had the chance to shoot for many hours and demonstrate or improve their skills. This was a great outing for both groups and was made possible by Mr. Schackmuth getting some NRA certified instructors to help out.

January 2009 Winter Camporee at Camp K.
We participated in the Winter Camporee at Camp Kikthawenund. It was a good time with a lot of snow and some good, cold weather. The Troop did well in capture the flag, snow snakes, and shelter setup.

Springmill State Park and Blue Springs Caverns November 2008.
The Troop was finally able to arrange an overnight trip to Blue Spring Caverns for some caving. Prior to our overnight caving and camping in the cave, we spent the day at Springmill State Park. The Park has an old-time village with a blacksmith who spent a lot of time showing us how things worked. We also got to see the working mill, powered by a water flume and giant water wheel. At the caverns, we got to camp in the cave with about 80 other people and Scouts from other Troops. We took the electic boat tour deep into the caves, and watched a slide show about the caves too. One of the staff explained and demonstrated some of the techniques for spelunking and rope climbing in the caves. We also got to go on a cave crawl that was pretty neat. We had a tight crawl into a cave room, then turned around and returned. Mr. Maenhout did the crawl but hates small places so I don't think he'll do this crawl again.

Mississinewa Water Outing August 2008.
One of the favorite and most popular trips of the year is the weekend at Mississinewa Resevoir near Peru, IN. This year was no exception. We had 4 speedboats donated for the day by friends/family of the Troop. This allowed for plenty of boating and water sports by everyone all day long. The staff at Mississinewa always give us a great location to camp in the youth camp area and we have a great weekend of water, games, and cooking. We have about 20 acres to play capture the flag or other games

August 2008 Del-Mi Catapult Contest.
Troop 132 competed in the Del-Mi Catapult Competition with a small patrol of only 3 or 4 Scouts this year. Even still, the entry was very well engineered and took some awards. The Troop came in 3rd overall but did very well in almost every judging category. The catapult was constructed by Tom S., Billy I., and Will E., with Daniel K. showing up as soon as he could for the throwing competition. At the end of the day, everybody had a great time throwing baloons at each other to finish the day.

Summer Camp at Ransburg July 2008.
Summer Camp at Ransburg in July 2008 was a lot of fun. Everybody earned some great merit badges and enjoyed the week. Mrs. Maenhout had to take over at the last minute because Mr. Maenhout has pneumonia. We camped at Dogwood on Ridge 4 for the first time and it was really nice. We won the Ridge Award again.

Click here for the 2008 High Adventure Canoe Trip to Wisconsin.
14 Scouts and 10 adult leaders spent a week canoeing the Manitowish River and Turtle-Flambeau Flowage in Northern Wisconsin. This was the first trip to this area for Troop 132. Some of the Scouts and adults had been canoeing in the Boundary Waters before. This trip began with about 17 miles of river, then the remainder on the Flowage. Compared to the Boundary Waters, we saw much more wildlife including many Bald Eagles, porcupines, beaver, and turtles. We used Hawk's Nest Outfitter in Manitowish Waters to provide the canoes, paddles, and PFD's but everything else we supplied ourselves. The river was a lot of fun, with many challenging twists and turns. We also hit a spot where the river was blocked by very large fallen trees. It was an easy portage of a couple hundred feet. The Turtle-Flambeau flowage is about 19,000 acres and can be very rough with waves and wind. We were fortunate to have good conditions on all but the final day. We had to change takeout landings because we could not paddle to the original site. To reach Fisherman's Landing, we lashed up and still had some very tough paddling through 1-2 foot waves and 20+ MPH winds, but used the wind shadows of small islands to get close. For the final approach, we were able to get the crews into a position where we were able to put up tarps and sail the majority of the last 1/3 mile. Everyone had a great fun time, learned a lot about backwoods canoeing and camping, and got in some good fishing.

Click the 2008 Spring Camporee.
Eight Scouts from Troop 132 participated in the 2008 Spring Camporee. The event focused on "back to basics" Scout Skills such as Firestarting, Wood tools, Cooking, Knots, Map & Compass, Tracking, Plant Identification, and Pioneering. The boys did well in most of the events and learned a lot about how they could do better in the future. It was a really good 2 day campout experience and Camp Krietenstein where none of us had been before. During the Saturday evening campfire, the Troop had 3 of it boys and 2 adults called out for Order of the Arrow this year. Phillip served as SPL, David I as ASPL, and the other attendees were William, Ben, Mark, Drew, Remington, and Kyle.

2008 April Horseback Outing at Lonestar Ranch
The Troop decided to return to Lonestar Ranch in Southern Indiana for the second year in a row. During the 2 night campout, 18 Scouts attended and 12 earned their Horsemanship merit badge with the help of the Lonestar folks. Phillip was able to tame Tequila on his ride through the Hoosier National Forest. Everybody had a great time learning how to properly care for and ride the mustangs at the ranch. The people at the ranch took very good care of Troop 132 and the Scouts all had a great outing.

Click here for the 2008 March Ransburg Outing.
Troop 132 had a great time at Ransburg. This was the first outing for our new Scouts and they completed a lot of requirements. David, Phil, Jacob and many other older Scouts helped the younger Scouts through Totin' Chip, cooking meals, setting up and taking down tents, and just learning how to work together on an outing. The Scouts got to cook hobo meals right in the campfire, made a dutch over cake, and ate really well. We hiked from our Pine Grove campsite to the waterfront and saw how high Lake Monroe had risen. We also bushwhacked through the woods to see our summer camp site - Dogwood. During the outing, Jacob, Noah, Daniel, and Drew performed their conservation project requirement for camping merit badge. A lot of new parents participated in this trip and they were a huge help. We all had a great time.

Click here for the 2008 Pokagon Toboggan Outing.
The Scouts had such a good time in 2007 that they wanted to return again in 2008. Our February outing took the Troop to Northern Indiana and Camp Chief Little Turtle. This trip let the boys play capture the flag for most of the day in the snowy woods. There was a fire building competition between patrols. Everybody learned how difficult it can be to start and maintain a fire when it is very cold and snowy. For the evening, we went to Pokagon State Park. Pokagon has a refrigerated toboggan track where you can reach nearly 40mph during the 1/4 mile run. There were many returning Scouts from the previous year, plus a number of first-time Scouts and parents. Most had never been on a tobaggon run that was like this, or this fast!

Click here 2008 Winter Highlands Camporee.
The Winter Highland Games were the theme for the 2008 Winter Camporee. All of the skills were related to traditional Scottish games or Scout skills. Troop 132 competed with a young group and had a great time. For many of the boys, this was their first Camporee. There wasn't much snow, but it was cold.

Click here for the 2008 Winter War at Camp Tapico, Michigan Outing.
13 Scouts and 5 adult leaders went to Northern MI for a week of winter camping. The first 3 nights were spent in tents before moving into a nice, warm cabin! Scouts divided into 2 patrols and played capture the flag in the woods for a couple of days, helped build an igloo where 3 boys slept one evening, and went skiing and snowboarding at Schuss Mtn. Ranger Mike at Camp Tapico was great and the boys loved his dog Levi. When we arrived, there was about 8 inches of snow, and we got another 6 inches while we camped. It was cold, but we were well prepared with gear and food so it was a lot of fun!!!

Click here for the 2007 Red River Gorge and Torrent Falls Climbing Outing.
For the second straight year, Troop 132 traveled to The Gorge for a long weekend outing of backcountry hiking, backpacking, and camping. We had our favorite campsite along Chimney Top Creek near the intersection of Rough Trail and Koomer Ridge Trial. We hiked out to Silvermine Arch and had a great time exploring the arch and caves, plus climbing to the tops of the cliffs. After backpacking out on Sunday morning, we went to Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure and spent the day on the Via Ferratta course.

Click here for the 2007 Turkey Run Patrol Outing.
The Penguin Patrol outing went to Turkey Run State Park for the weekend. They had a great hike and worked on a lot of requirements for Tenderfoot through First Class that some boys were missing.

Click here for the 2007 Marengo Cave Crawl Outing.
Another great outing, this time at Marengo Caves in Southern Indiana. This was a very fun introductory cave walk and crawl. Our guide explained a lot about the cave system, plus we saw some blind cave fish and bats. There is a lot of crawling through the cave, but everyone could do it - even the adults. We had a real nice camp area, played a lot of football, and worked on our firebuilding skills.

Click here for the 2007 Mississinewa Water Outing.
An annual favorite outing. For the past 3 years we've camped at Mississinewa State Rec Area for a long weekend. They have a great beach area to swim, and our camp area is usually empty except for our Troop. We played capture the flag most of the night. Out on the resevoir, we had 3 speedboats this year to go skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.

Click here for the 2007 Del-Mi Catapult Contest.
Troop 132 traditionally competes in the Del-Mi District Annual Catapult Contest. This year we had enough participants to have 2 patrols, each building their own catapults. Both did very well and the Scouts were already making plans for next year on how to win the longest toss competition while still doing very well in accuracy. As always, both teams were excellent with their pioneering and construction skills.

Click here for the 2007 Ransburg Summer Camp week.
Troop 132 attends a week of summer camp at Ransburg Scout Camp on Lake Monroe in Southern Indiana. This year, we had over 30 Scouts attend and earn nearly 100 merit badges during the week. Swimming, Canoeing, Leathercraft, Rifle Shooting, Pioneering, Lifesaving, First Aid, and Athletics are just some of the merit badges the Scouts earned. We had a lot of adult participation and the Wednesday night Pizza Party was a big hit with everyone. Around the campfire, we had a lot of skits and jokes from the boys for a really great evening.

Click here for the 2007 Shades State Park trip.
Troop 132 had a weekend outing at Shades State Park for the first time in many years. A large group of Scouts attended and although it was a rainy weekend, we had a lot of fun. The meals were really good and we hiked some of the trails. Many of the first year Scouts had the chance to get their identification of 10 animals and plants completed. A park ranger came by the campsite to show off some animal pelts and talk about the park's wildlife.

Click here for the 2007 Adventure Point Backpack outing.
In May, we had our annual "First-time Backpacker" outing. At Ransburg Scout Camp we backpacked 2.5 miles out on Saturday. For this trip, we backpacked through the forest instead of staying on the road. This was a chance to see a lot of the forest like most boys have never seen it. We had to bushwhack through some areas and then followed a stream to the lake. Along the way we found some really neat turtle shells and saw how beavers dam up the stream in sections. We walked across one of their dams to cross the stream in one area.

Click here for the 2007 Lone Star Horseback outing.
This was the first outing for the new Webelos that just crossed over. Lonestar Ranch in Southern Indiana let us camp on their ranch We earned our Horsemanship merit badges. For many Scouts, this was the first time they had ever ridden a horse. Of course, we had to take care of the horses and their "business" too. It was a great weekend learning how to ride a horse.

Click here for the 2007 Pokagen Toboggan and Chief Little Turtle outing.
In February, Troop 132 went to the Anthony Wayne Scout Camp near Fort Wayne for some winter camping. We had a great time because there was a lot of snow. There is a real good hill for sledding. On Saturday night we went to Pokagen State Park to use the refrigerated 1/4 mile toboggan run. Our fastest time was 37 miles per hour but it sure seemed faster going down the track. Camping in tents with all the snow was a lot of fun.

Click here for the 2006 Red River Gorge backpacking and Via Ferrata trip.
The Troop traveled to Eastern Kentucky and the Red River Gorge for a weekend of backwoods backpacking and then a trip to Torrent Falls for climbing at the Via Ferrata. Everybody had a great time at Silver Mine Arch and the backpack trails. The overnight camping was next to a stream on night 2. The climbing at Via Ferrata is really neat and challenging for both beginners and experienced climbers. FONT>

Click here for the 2006 Ransburg Summer Camp.
Ransburg Camp during July is where Troop 132 spent its week of summer camp. A lot of merit badges were earned and 3 of the boys completed their Firecrafter requirements. The Troop won the ridge award for it's impressive pioneering projects.

Click here for the 2006 Indiana Dunes trip.
Indiana Dunes State Park in Northern Indiana, on Lake Michigan, was the choice for the April 2006 outing. April is too cold to go swimming, but the boys had a great time playing on the sand dunes, and the beach. Some beach football took place, and then it was time to bury kids in the sand. The Dunes have some unique and fun hiking trails so it was a really good outing.

Click here for the 2006 Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe trip.
In June of 2006, 8 adults and 8 boys spent 5 days of backcountry camping and canoeing through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. One crew covered 45 miles and the other covered 35. It was a truly great backwoods experience to be totally on your own, aware from civilization.

Click here for the 2005 Catapult Contest. 
Troop 132 participated in the Del-Mi district annual catapult contest. The Scouts are required to build a catapult using pioneering techniques of rope lashings and wooden spars. The contest includes competitions in accuracy, distance, construction skills, and targets. As usual, Troop 132 did a great job in most categories and won some honors in many of the areas. The boys are already looking forward to next year with some new ideas.

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