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How to Access the Private Site

To protect the personal information of our Scouts and Leaders, Troop 123 has a password-protected, private web site. To access this private site, you must have a Google account and your Google account must be granted permission by the webmaster.

To create a Google account:
If you already have a Google account, you do not have to create another one
You may use your primary email account from a different provider (Yahoo, AOL, sbcglobal, etc.) to create your Google account

To request access:
Email the following information to the webmaster at troop123galveston @ gmail.com:

Your name:
Your Google account:
Current Rank or position
Email address:
Contact phone number:

This information will be used to build the Troop Roster. Once you have access to the private site, you will have the ability to update your information.