Welcome to Troop 267 

Boy Scouts of America Troop 267, located in Salem, New Hampshire, is part of the Daniel Webster Council and is in the Arrowhead District. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8546 is our chartered organization.  Our primary meeting place is North Salem Elementary School (140 Zion Hill Road) on Thursday evenings, 7:00 - 8:30.

Troop 267 is a Boy Led Troop.  This means our Scouts plan and carry out our weekly and monthly agendas, as well as plan and prepare for our camping trips, activities, and meal plans.  The adults are here to guide and help them achieve their visions.

                   “Empowering boys to be leaders is the core of Scouting. Scouts learn by doing, and what they do is lead their patrols 
                    and their troop. The boys themselves develop a troop program, then take responsibility for figuring out how they will 
                    achieve the goals. One of our most important challenges is to train boy leaders to run the troop by providing direction, 
                    coaching and support. The boys will make mistakes now and then and will rely upon the adult leaders to guide them. 
                    But only through real hands-on experience as leaders can boys learn to lead.” 

More details about our troop can be found in other public sections of this web site. Feel free to look around and contact us with any questions. This website is intended to facilitate communication within our troop but also to allow newcomers to learn more about who we are and what we do. We hope you'll like the character and values of our troop and that you'll contact us for additional information and join our scouting family! ⚜

 Upcoming and Current Events 
Upcoming Dates
Welcome to 2020
Welcome to another great year of Scouting. We start our year with January's theme being Entrepreneurship, and moving to Engineering in February.  

We have camping planned for every month through June, and start in January focused preparing for the Klondike Derby.

Scoutmaster's Minute
A past Scoutmaster's Minute from when Wilderness Survival was a theme of the month. The following quote is from Mors Kochanski, a Polish Canadian bush craft and wilderness survival instructor, naturalist and author. He has acquired an international following and has instructed for both military and civilians in Canada, the US, the UK and Sweden. He is well known for saying "The more you know, the less you carry”.
The bush is neutral. It is neither for nor against me. My comfort depends on what I can do for myself and how much I know about using the bush materials around me. Becoming angry, depressed or unhappy does little to help me in my situation. I will try to think positive thoughts and find ways to be thankful for what I have. When I am not sure of what to do I will stop, relax, and think out the situation before I act. I realize moving about when I do not know where I am or where I am going will make it more difficult for others to find me. My concern at this moment is to make myself comfortable for tonight. I shall shelter myself from wind, rain, or snow and build a fire to warm up. I will not let fear or panic rule my mind as this only works against me. The bush is inert. It is incapable of doing me harm.

 Past Events 

Troop 267 Welcomes Newest Eagle Scout
On February 27th, 2019, Logan K. became Troop 267 53rd Scout to successfully pass his board of review and achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.  
Eagle Scout is the highest achievement (or rank) attainable in Scouting.    

Logan's Eagle Project was a retirement (flag disposal) fire pit for the American Legion in Salem, NH.  His Board of Review included discussion of his project, his journey in Scouting so far, and his future plans in Troop 267, NYLT and Scouting as a whole.

We are all very proud of Logan and his accomplishment and look forward to his continued contributions in Scouting.

Eagle Project
On October 20th, Logan K. completed his Eagle Scout Project.  He and Troop 267 built a Flag Disposal Firepit for the American Legion, Post 63 of Salem, NH.  According to The United States Flag Code, Title 4, Section 8k states- “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.”  This gives the American Legion a permanent structure to properly retire flags.  Along with the Firepit, Logan installed a Flag Dropbox (donated by Pat and Sheri Sharkey).  

Logan fundraised through local businesses and held a pasta dinner in September at the Knights of Columbus.  

His Ribbon Cutting was November 4th.  He raised more than was needed to complete his project and was able to donate over $700 to the American Legion which will go towards a 9/11 Memorial being built in Salem, NH. 

NHX - NH Jamboree
Our troop took part in the NHX Jamboree at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH the weekend of May 5th and 6th. The fun filled event brought scouts, scouters and families from throughout New Hampshire and neighboring states and even Canada for an awesome event.

There were over twelve themed "camps", each with a variety of fun and exciting activities. The boys had a great time exploring the different areas. The day was capped off by a pop concert! Please click here to see photos from the event.

Troop 267 Welcomes Newest Eagle Scout
Troop 267 is proud to welcome its newest Eagle Scout. Alex D. successfully passed his board of review becoming the Troop's 52nd Eagle Scout. Alex managed a project over the summer providing the Salem Animal Rescue League with a large storage shed. 

The board of review is the final step in achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. The candidate answers questions from a panel of four to six adult Scout leaders. The questions range from the project finances, leadership skills as well as life in general. It's not an easy task! The meeting itself can last anywhere between twenty to forty minutes. Think of the great experience this provides to these youth!

Alex's long career in the scout program began many years ago in Pack 160, Den 7. This is a proud moment for all of us and we are very excited to celebrate this remarkable achievement. 

Please join me in congratulating Alex and his family! Click here to see photos from the event. 

 Previous Camp-outs 
February Camp-out- Klondike Derby

This scout recalls that on Friday night we got to the derby site. Those of us that were staying the night enjoyed a nice macaroni dinner and watched the movie, “Shrek”. We set up camp near the shooting range and went to be early. Saturday morning, we woke up hoping to have a nice breakfast and found out that, unfortunately, you had to pay for it. We were a little late to get our sled checked and to be ready so we started in last place for the derby. During the derby there are a lot of fun activities including knot tying, first aid, teamwork, shelter and fire building along with much more. We got good scores for most of the activities but unfortunately, due to bad wind conditions and lack of supplies, we did poorly on fire building. Half way through we stopped to have lunch. We had, what was supposed to be chilly dogs. It ended up being, Matthew eating granola bars, Sam, Brice, Danny and Tristan had mild hot dogs with Justin eating leftover egg sandwiches. We didn’t get scored on lunch, even though we were supposed to and completed the rest of the day. During the awards ceremony, we only got one ribbon and it was a third place. Even though we didn’t get more ribbons for any other activity, we were still grateful for getting the one and were happy that it wasn’t just for participation. After that, we went home and hopefully everyone had a nice rest of the day. Thank you to the Pelham Fish and Game for hosting the 2020 Klondike Derby.

 January Camp-out

Camp Carpenter's Fort Friendship was the host to our January camp out. Upon arrival Friday evening we had to hustle up and get a fire going as the temperature had already dropped to 10 degrees. The temperature couldn't stop us from having a great time playing dungeons and dragons, other wise know as RPG. A delicious dinner was prepared by a fellow scout while we practiced our fire building and lighting the fire with flint and steel. The night was topped off with story telling around the fire. 

We woke to a beautiful sunny day that was destined to be filled with adventure. We spent most of the day testing out our Klondike Derby sled in preparation for next month's Derby and Camp-out. We practiced scout skills of fire starting, whipping and knots then ended the day with a snow covered game of "cops and robbers." 

October campout

In early October, we went backpacking in New Durham, NH to Devil's Den, a cave on a small mountain. We set up camp somewhat near the cave and hiked up the mountain. We enjoyed the great view from the mountain and crawled through the narrow cave. When we returned, some scouts set up shelters, or opted to sleep under the stars. On the way out, we found the ruined foundation of an old house. 

September Campout
On September 6, our troop went to Cliff Island on Newfound Lake. We loaded our gear into canoes and paddled to the island. Once we were there, we set up our campsite and had a delicious dinner. On the second day, we headed to our canoes and played a game of naval warfare and learned how to right a swamped canoe. Afterwards, the scouts played games around the table until it was time to go to bed. All in all, the campout was great fun for all involved.