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[Empire] Missives from the Frontline - First Journal Entry

posted 24 Apr 2013, 22:40 by Timothy Lind   [ updated 25 Apr 2013, 14:58 ]

Day One

Small lizard-priest unleashed lightning and death and smote down the righteous Knights Griffon who now are in the care of Father Morr. He was in turn felled by the peerless marksmen of the Imperial Gunnery School, who shall be celebrated henceforth.

The flying daemon of the jungle remains a great danger to the Empire.

Day Two

Thane Kalagrim bravely strode headlong into the charging knights of the Empire, fending off the Templars and protecting his kinsmen's flank until the bitter end. His heroism was diminished only by his ignominious defeat beneath the hooves of Preceptor von Sigmar's horse. The Slayers Three became the Slayers Two as the perils of the Venomous Thicket cut and scratched, and on emerging into the daylight those who survived were cut down by surprised but disciplined Nuln halberdiers. The Knights Griffon cut though the Dwarf kinband like a hammer into orc-skull. The lasting alliance of Dwarf and Man was severely weakened this day and many grudges were recorded.

Day Three

Small lizard-priest returned to hinder black-powder efficiency with a blizzard of ice. Even so the skilled Ironsides were able to pick and down their targets. 

The flying daemon of the jungle fled the glorious charge of the Griffon Knights, who overran into the lizard-priest, cutting him down. Alas the trecherous boughs wrought a number of brave knights asunder. 

The large-lizard fighters were caught in a trap of Faith, Steel, and Gunpowder, and the last of their number ran. Too late did the pursuing knights realise they were being led into a swamp, and a creature of nightmare and shadow pulled more of their number into the mists. Fleeing the horror, they regained their nerve in time to save their honour, and faced down the deficient javelin of the small-lizards.

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