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  • Phase 2 Has Started! Running behind schedule to to all the RL craziness, but Phase 2 has commenced. Warbands have now refreshed at the new starting limit of 300 points.Welcome Marty and his ...
    Posted 3 Jul 2013, 21:04 by Timothy Lind
  • Two Weeks to Go! Get your lists in and your 200 point Warbands Painted folks! War has been declared. Warbands from across the continent are roving, lawless and unchecked. Much profit is to be ...
    Posted 8 Apr 2013, 16:59 by Timothy Lind
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Songs of War

  • [Empire] Missives from the Frontline - First Journal Entry Day OneSmall lizard-priest unleashed lightning and death and smote down the righteous Knights Griffon who now are in the care of Father Morr. He was in turn felled by the peerless marksmen of the Imperial Gunnery School, who shall be celebrated henceforth.The flying daemon of the jungle remains a great danger to the Empire.Day TwoThane Kalagrim bravely strode headlong into the charging knights of the Empire, fending off the Templars and protecting his kinsmen's flank until the bitter end. His heroism was diminished only by his ignominious defeat beneath the hooves of Preceptor von Sigmar's horse. The Slayers Three became the Slayers Two as the perils of the Venomous Thicket cut and scratched ...
    Posted 25 Apr 2013, 14:58 by Timothy Lind
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