TRONCO started in 2014 as a collaborative effort between a Bioinformatics unit at Milano-Bicocca (Italy) and one at New York University (USA).  The former unit is responsible for creation and maintenance of the package.

As of June 2016, this is our geographical distribution.

People involved, in alphabetical order:

We credit the following people for contributing to the definition of the algorithms available in TRONCO, as well as coding for earliest versions of the tool:
  • Loes Olde Loohuis, University of California Los Angeles;
  • Ilya Korsunsky, New York University
  • Mattia Longoni, Milano-Bicocca;
Plus, we credit the following users for providing us valuable feedback during development:
  • Rocco Piazza, Milano-Bicocca;
  • Carlo Gambacorti Passerini, Milano-Bicocca;
  • Victor Moreno, Catalan Institute of Oncology;
  • Rebeca Sanz-PamplonaCatalan Institute of Oncology.