Current Release:     2.14.2 (December 2018)

How to install the stable version


How to install the development version (2.15.2)

    Package history
    • 2.14.2 : current release.
    • 2.4.0: New statistics available for model confidence via cross-validation routines.
    • 2.0.0: Released in Summer 2015 on our GitHUB, replaced the Bioconductor version in Autumn 2015. 
      • This version is parallel, includes also the CAPRI algorithm, supports common input formats such as GISTIC (for Copy Number Variants), MAF (for mutations' annotation), supports TCGA samples editing and queries to the CBio portal. This version comes with new plotting capabilities, and a general from-scratch design. It is not compatible with previous releases.
    • 1.0: released in mid 2014 includes CAPRESE algorithm. It is now outdated and no more maintained.