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Black Ops 2 Zombies Walkthrough

posted Nov 24, 2012, 11:38 PM by Shane Hughes

Black Ops 2 Zombies


Tranzit Map - Include in a video and explain each stop, what is around each area, doors, perks, item building parts, wall weapon and equipment locations, and workbench locations.  Also include what areas are possible to do laps and trains in each area.


Keeping Crawlers Updated - Crawlers are not as good at keeping now in Tranzit, because they updated the way they work, if a zombie gets so far away from everyone or anyone, they will die out, and usually not spawn back in, so if you keep 1 crawler that is slow, and take the bus to another location without zombie on the bus with you, it will die out, and start the next  round.  I recommend either having a person that may not need anything at end of round to watch the zombie while everyone else does what they need, or follow this strategy which works for solo.  Keep either a crawler or a runner close to the bus, and loop them until bus is ready to leave, right before run them to bus, get on and time just right to shut the bus doors in the face of the zombie.  This will make the zombie jump on the window closest to the door, and if the bus starts moving it will just rip down the boards on window.  If you do it to early, sometimes it will rip the boards down, but usually it will hop up to the roof of the bus and jump down into box from the emergency exit hatch or bust through it if not equipped.  You can always keep zombie in the bus, but it gets tricky keeping him from trapping you or swiping you down if you do not have Juggernog.  If zombie is on the window, just simply keep repairing as you ride and zombie will stay on, just repeat at each area if you wish to keep moving from area to area, this of course is time consuming, but is a guaranteed way of staying safe, and preparing for next rounds.




Turning Power On - Three parts for the power switch device (Lever, Zombie Hand and the Panel). You can build it at the easy-to-find workbench. And there you go, your power switch is ready to flip. Power enables with a little delay. Also you can toggle the power off and on.


Music Easter Egg


·         Teddy 1 - Bus Station - Outside on a bench waiting for bus

·         Teddy 2 - Farm - Up the stairs on the floor in house

·         Teddy 3 - Town - In Bar, bottom floor on a seat


Box Locations


·         Bus Station - Just outside the first room


·         Diner - In the Garage (door is 750 points), always first box appearance


·         Farm - In the right house, top floor


·         Power Station - Just after exiting the reactor place, still in the brightness


·         Town - In the bar on top floor, behind the structure in the center of the room and Outside behind the fence, across the door you can power with a turbine.


4 Player Strategy - The bus will not start the timer to start leaving until either the door is opened or the turbines are used to open power doors to get outside.  So I recommend getting to round 7 in bus station without opening doors, 4 windows, everyone buys M14's and covers a window.  Allow zombies in first 3 rounds to get power ups, after that I recommend keeping windows boarded up as much as possible.  If need ammo buy in between the rounds or if in between needing ammo, switch windows with people closest to the M14 ammo.  Make sure you make use of your M1911 when you have piled zombies at your windows and max ammos, especially with double points.  By round end of round 7, leave a couple zombies left alive, and everyone should at least have 4,000 points, but I have had close to 10,000 points after milking zombies with M1911 and a lot of double points.  After this you are free to travel the map in this round and get where you need if you have enough points.  I recommend keeping M1911 to upgrade for Mustang & Sally, and in the diner location, everyone gets a roll at the mystery box to get rid of their M14, depending on what they get in there 1 roll on the box, after everyone gets a roll, whoever is unpleased with their roll can go again until box spins out and moves. Next area is the farm, in which is really not too important at this point, and would just wait for bus to go to next area, which is the power station, in which you should build the switch and turn the power on, so everyone can go to the next area, town, to buy Juggernog after opening 2 doors.  If you work together and everyone has at least 4,000 at end up this round, you should be able to have everyone buy Juggernog, which makes you so much further ahead in the game already.  Finding a spot to hold down together.  I recommend til about round 10, for everyone to stay in 1 location and hold off together to build points and be available to revive teammates if they go down.  After this, I suggest each person find an area they are comfortable running on their own, in which they can loop and train zombies and not go down, to keep doing this for rest of game.  It is up to the team to decide where they are most comfortable.  Having multiple people running same loop is a very bad idea, for it is hard to stay coordinated in moving together and not splitting up and running into each other, which usually traps the players and they go down.  If each person is in their own area and they go down, it is not too complicated for person close to their area to get to them in time.  Each area has 2 areas that are beside them, while 1 area will be furthest away from each area.  So coordinating who is where and who they need to revive depending on the location they are and the person they need to revive are.

Tombstone Perk - When you have it and go down, tombstone power up drops.  Only will stay if you die out and have to come back next round, if you get revived the tombstone disappears.  If you die out and pick your tombstone back up, you get all perks and weapons you had, except for the tombstone perk.  So you are paying 2,000 points to acquire the perk to save you up to roughly 20,000 points if you have 3 other perks, such as the combo of Juggernog, Speed Cola, and Stamin Up, which alone costs 7,500 points, then whatever weapons you may have, in which if you have 2 box weapons that are upgraded and perhaps monkey bombs or EMP grenades, also the cost of if you have gaulvaknuckles or bowie knife.  This perk is a must have after you arm yourself with full equipment, or even worth it if you even only have Juggernog.


Storage Fridge in Farmhouse in Farm Area - Lets you put a weapon in storage and carries over across games, allows all weapons but un-upgraded M1911 and Ray Gun.  All other weapons including your Mustang & Sally,  the ammo that you have in the weapon carries over also, so if you put a empty weapon in, it will stay empty when you get it until you buy ammo or get max ammo while having it out of the storage.  Max ammo drops do not fill weapons that are stored in the fridge.


Bank Vault - In the town area when you first arrive on the bus, opening the door into the bank will grant you access to the rest or the town area, in the bank there is a vault door for the bank.  If you through a grenade at the door it will blow the door off of its hinges and will grant you access into the vault area.  The vault area lets you deposit up to 250,000 points total into the bank, which carries over across all your matches for Tranzit.  You can only deposit 1,000 points at a time, and when you end up withdrawing the points, it takes 100 points fee to withdraw 1 ,000 points.  So if you have a full 250,000 points in your bank and pull it all out at once, the most you will end up with from your bank is 225,000 points after all of the 100 point withdraw fees.


Bank Wire Transfer - In the bank main room, there are a set up keys at the bottom of one of the center pieces that is pretty hidden close to ground.  When you knife it,  it allows you to deposit 1,000 points, if done so, it will pop up a point power up worth 1,000 points, but for these deposits there are a 100 point fee also.  This deposit and power up option allows you to give your teammates points if they need them, and you have some to share.  So it costs 1,100 to give one of your teammates 1,000 points.  Anyone can pick up the power up though so hopefully you are not playing with random players that are uncooperative and take the point power up you mean to have someone else pick up.  You can only deposit 1,000 at a time, but it adds to the power up each time if you keep doing it, so you do not require to deposit, pick up, deposit pick up.  The power up does start to disappear though after a period of time, so make sure the person gets the points in time, or the points will be lost.  I am currently not sure if the power up timer starts to disappear from the instant it shows up or after you are done adding points to give up.

Pack A Punch - Located behind the bank vault door in the bank, there is a second bank vault door.  Throwing another grenade at this door will blow it open, revealing a power door with a green power symbol.  You must have a turbine to open this door, but you must place the turbine at the power door in the power station, when dropping down into the power room, look right behind you and the power door is right there.  Throwing down a turbine at that location will power the door at the bank vault and open up the area where the pack a punch will be located.  For solo you can drop the turbine at the power room and go to the bank without problems, but in multiplayer, you must have someone stay at the power location or the turbine will simply disappear.  After entering the pack a punch area, you must find the 3 parts to build the machine and take each to the workbench at the end of the haul, in which the pack a punch will be built right beside the workbench.  After being built, you are free to use the machine at any time, but the door to the pack a punch location will shut if the turbine is destroyed or disappears from the power room door location.  To access this area, you must use the turbine each time.


Corn Field Location - Along route between farm and power station


Radio Tower Location - In corn maze on left side of road between farm and power station


Nacht der Untoten Location - In corn maze on right side of road between farm and power station


Hunter Cabin Location - Past the corn field, towards the right, will have fire on the ground


Weapons and Equipment Locations

·         Bus Depot - M14 and Olympia in starting room

·         Bus - B23R on ceiling of Bus

·         Highway Tunnel - M16A1 by maintenance access doors

·         Diner - MP5 in diner by Speed Cola, Mystery Box first spawn in garage office, Gaulvaknuckles on top of diner in which you need emergency hatch to access top of diner.

·         Farm - Remington 870 MCS in barn, claymores in shed

·         Power Station - AK74U on side of brick room for door to power

·         Town - Semtex grenades in power door to store

·         Hunter Cabin - Bowie knife on wall


Buildable Items and Locations

·         The Turbine (First bus stop) - Portable Power Supply

o    Fan Blade on seats in starting room

o    Mannequin Torso leaning against sign in starting room

o    Tail Fin near lockers in starting room


·         Zombie Shield (Second bus stop) - Riot Shield

    • Car door found in garage on car, leaning against wall, or on a different work bench
    • Dolly found in diner or in garage

·         Machine Gun Turret (Third bus stop) - Requires Turbine to Operate and will shoot enemies

    • Machine gun found in either house or barn
    • Ammo Pouch found in living room or kitchen of house
    • Lawnmower found around sides of house

·         Electric Trap (Fourth bus stop) - Requires Turbine to Operate and slows down zombies

    • TV tube found on windows up stairs from bench
    • Car battery found on barrels around the same area
    • Tesla Ball assembly found usually beside the Tombstone Soda

·         Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 (Fifth bus stop) - Wonderweapon, Required for Easter Egg

    •  Jet engine found in highway tunnel between bus depot and diner
    • Wire found in the same area as the Electric Trap parts
    • Headlight found in cabin where the Bowie Knife is between power station and town
    • Handle found in Nacht der Untoten, right side of road between farm and power station

·         Navcard Machine (Under pylon in corn maze, left side of road between farm and power)

    • Meteor in hole beside mystery box location at bus depot
    • Control Panel #1 in Nacht der Untoten
    • Wooden Board under the stairs by the work bench at power station
    • Control Panel #2 leaning against dumpster beside mystery box location in town


Bus Parts and Known Locations

·         Bus Parts

o    Train Grill – Runs more zombies over while moving

o    Ladder – Allows players to climb to the roof of the bus from outside

o    Hatchdoor – Opens the roof for players to enter/leave the bus


·         4 Possible Locations for the 3 Bus Parts

o    Power door room in starting room in corner

o    Power door for shed in diner area by the garage

o    Power door for shed in the farm where the claymores are located

o    Power door in the back of the town area where the semtex grenades are located

Fog Monsters (Denizens) - Denizens are small, zombie-like creatures found only on the Green Run maps. They are found in the foggy parts of the map when you walk through. They attack by jumping on your face and scratching you until you knife them off. 


Teleports - Power turbine under green light posts to power the teleports or when a denizen jumps on you, be close to the light and knife the denizen, if you don't knife it and it gets 3 hits on you in a row, it will down you so be fast.  Teleports you to other light posts but as to which it teleports you to is completely random.


Mystery Box Weapons

·         Assault Rifles - Colt M16, FN-FAL, Scar-H, MTAR, Galil, Type 25, SMR, M8A1

·         Sub Machine Guns - Chicom CQB, Skorpion EVO 3, MSMC

·         Light Machine Guns - HAMR, LSAT, RPD

·         Sniper Rifles - DSR, BARRET

·         Shotguns - M1216, Saiga 12

·         Pistols - Executioner, Python, Five Seven, Five Seven Dual Wield, KAP40

·         Launchers - Crossbow, RPG, War Machine

·         Melee Weapon - Ballistic Knife

·         Equipment - Monkey Bombs, EMP Grenades

·         Wonder Weapon - Ray Gun


Perk Locations

·         Bus Depot - Quick Revive is in the starting room in a corner

·         Diner - Speed Cola is in the diner by the MP5

·         Farm - Double Tap is at the top of the barn

·         Power Station - Tombstone is upstairs after going through power room before you jump down

·         Town - Stamin Up is on the bottom floor in the bar, Juggernog is on top floor in building across from bank


"HIM" - Once the power is turned on, "HIM" will appear in the center piece of the power and will disappear and will randomly show up at random rounds, easiest way to defeat him is to throw an EMP at him, if not available, use gaulvaknuckles and it will take a couple of punches to make him disappear.  He will come back at other random times, he will not just be defeated for the entire match.


Pack A Punch Multiple Times - Only new weapons can be pack a punched multiple times, not old weapons or wall weapons.  Cost 2,000 after first pack a punch, and only adds attachments to your weapon, by either switching sights, or rarely adding under barrel grenade launcher.  Ammo is not replenished when doing this.


Permanent Quick Revive - Picky up a team mate many times in a row or in a certain amount in a match will unlock this permanent effect for person.  Best with using crawlers, grenades, or lava and fire to down yourself easily, a green flash, like one from a power up will appear over person being revived, unlocking the permanent effect for the person reviving team mate.  It will be faster when reviving team mates now and when reviving will show the letters in purple.  This crosses over into other games and matches, if you buy quick revive on top of this effect, your reviving is almost instantaneous.  It takes about 9 to 15 revives to unlock this effect.


Power Up Drops

·         Max Ammo: Gives all players the maximum ammunition possible to obtain for whatever weapon the players are carrying, although the player's current magazine will not be replenished


·         Insta-Kill: Enables players to instantly kill zombies with any weapon


·         Double Points: Doubles the point values for each hit on enemies and boarding windows/barriers


·         Nuke: Kills all zombies on the map at the time of detonation and gives 400 points to every player in the game. If double points is active each player receives 800 points.  Must be alive.


·         Carpenter: Boards up all windows and gives all players 200 points if windows were boarded up


·         Fire Sale: A mystery box spawns at every possible location a mystery box usually spawns and you can use it for 10 Points. It runs out in 30 seconds. (Nuketown Zombies)




·         Tranzit Characters - The Scientist: Marlton, The Farmer Girl: Misty, The Mustached Man: Samuel, and The Old Man: Russmanl


·         Nuketown Zombies and All Survival/Grief Mode Characters - The CIA (Men in suits & ties) and the CDC (Hazmats)

Maxis Easter Egg - Tower of Babble


·         Step 1 - Build the Turbine. Note that Maxis is giving you instructions: "Complete the device."


·         Step 2 - Turn on the power. After it's on, Maxis says that you have to turn the power off again to keep up the communication. So turn it off again once you want to do the EE.


·         Step 3 - Go to the cornfield tower. Wait there. At some time, the sky will be thundering like hell and the Avogadro Zombie spawns. Place two portable power devices underneath the tower. Maxis will tell you, if it needs "more power" or if you're good and can continue to the next step.


·         Step 4 - Once Maxis says "You did it, now kill the electric zombie", do so right under the tower. Remember that you have no perk power on, so you are not able to make use of your perks. Therefore, it might be risky to kill him with knives. You may want to make sure, that you have an EMP grenade in your team.


·         Step 5 - Place a portable power device under the 'green' light next to the diner, close the truck. Note that the light is actually not green, but flickering in white. Place another portable device under the green light in the town next to that truck. The two turbines under the tower must still be active or activated again.



Richtofen Easter Egg - Tower of Babble


·         Step 1 - Turn on the power and ignore Maxis words. Leave power on. Once outside near the bus, Samuel will hear Richtofen talking about overheating the tower with the Jet Gun.


·         Step 2 - Build the Jet Gun and get the Navcard Reader.


·         Step 3 - Go underneath the pylon. Shoot the Navcard Reader until your gun explodes. That way you heat up the tower. Now Richtofen tells you to collect 115 from the zombies with 'boom'.


·         Step 4 - Now you have to kill zombies underneath the tower with explosives. You can run an easy train there. At least one player should have one of the following: RPG, Pack A Punched Warmachine, Mustang and Sally, or grenade launcher attachment. Samuel will get called by Richtofen once you have enough 115. Richtofen will tell that you need to decrease the power by a factor of 4.


·         Step 5 - Everybody needs to get EMP grenades now. Of course you can also obtain them earlier.


·         Step 6 - Your 4 people team has to throw 4 EMP's simultaneously underneath the green, powered street lights. Each person throws his EMP on a different light. Richtofen will confirm when it worked.




Weapon and Equipment Locations

·         Starting Location - Olympia on front of truck, M14 on front of bus

·         Trailer - Gaulvaknuckles, Bowie Knife, Claymores, Semtex Grenades, AK74U

·         Yellow House - M16A1 is on the top floor, Remington 870 MCS is on the bottom floor

·         Blue House - MP5 is on the top floor, B23R is on the bottom floor


Power Up Door - Cost 3,000 to open and is a onetime per match option.  Power up will stay after opening the door but not grabbing the power up, and the power up changes every round.  Does not respawn after picking up.  Best used in later rounds, for emergency max ammo to fill pack a punched weapons.


Population Count Board and Clock - Not sure as of right now if this has any effect on anything or is involved in a certain aspect of the game.


Nuke Alarm (Incoming Machine) - When this goes off, you will then hear an impact which will be one of the perk machines or pack a punch machine that will land in a random spot that are designated by large stacks of boxes, similar to the mystery box spawn boxes.