6th Annual Miami Valley Freeze

High School Hockey Tournament

January 2-3, 2016


TOURNAMENT RULES: The official, current, National Federation of State High School Associations Ice Hockey Rule Book, as supplemented by Ohio High School Athletic Association Sports Regulations, shall be used in the Tournament except at noted below:


1.      TIME OF PLAY:


a.       Games shall be of standard High School period length with a game limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes.  If it appears that stopping the clock will result in exceeding the allotted game time limit, the official timer will advise both teams and the on-ice officials that a no-stop clock shall be instituted until the end of the game.  No time-outs will be allowed when a no-stop clock is instituted.


b.      A five minute warm up will be given at the beginning of each game.  Teams shall be on the ice at the designated time or warm-up will be forfeited.  When the officials are ready to start the game, both teams shall be ready to play or a forfeit will result.  Due to scheduling considerations, games may start earlier than depicted on the published schedule.  Therefore, all teams must be prepared to begin their warm-up 15 minutes prior to the published game time in the event the preceding game concludes earlier than anticipated.


c.       A one-minute rest period will be provided between each period.


d.      Ice resurfacing shall be performed between the second and third periods unless time precludes maintaining a stop clock for the third period.


2.   TEAM ROSTERS: For all Miami Valley Freeze Tournament games, teams shall consist of a maximum of 20 players.  Two (2) of the players must be dressed as goaltenders if a full 20-man player roster is used.


3.   TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION: The Coach or a Team Official must check in with the Tournament Director one hour prior to their first game.  During Tournament Registration, each team will designate a single point of contact to interface with the Tournament Director on all tournament topics, e.g., tournament information, emergency communications, unforeseen changes to tournament operations, rule clarifications.


4.  PLAYERS AND COACHES:  All teams must enter at the front of Hobart Arena.  The side doors will be locked and no one will be allowed to enter these doors at any time.


5.  PLAYER'S BENCH: Only team players and a maximum of five team officials will be permitted on the player's bench.


6.  PENALTY BOX: Each team shall furnish one individual to supervise their players in the penalty box and maintain penalty box door closure.  The individual manning the penalty box is a Game Official; therefore, this individual’s conduct while serving in this capacity shall be above reproach and exhibit the highest standard of sportsmanship.


7.   CAPTAIN AND ALTERNATE: The Coach or a Team Official shall provide the names of the Captain(s) and Alternate Captain(s) to the referee or official scorer prior to the start of each game.


8.   PROFANE LANGUAGE: Profane language will not be tolerated from any player, team official, parent, or fan.  All profanity will be dealt with severely.


9.  UNIFORM COLORS: The HOME team shall wear either white or predominantly light colored jerseys.  Where a team has only one set of jerseys, the other team will wear a contrasting color.  The HOME team for each game will be posted at the tournament site.


10.  EQUIPMENT: All players participating in the Miami Valley Freeze Tournament must wear equipment that meets the requirements of the National Federation of State High School Associations Ice Hockey Rule Book 2014 - 2015.  In addition, all players must wear mouth guards and helmet straps must be fastened when players are on the ice.  Goalies must wear flapper-style throat protection that is separate, commercially manufactured, unaltered, and properly attached to the helmet or face mask at all times.


11. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: Emergency medical assistance will be in attendance at each game.




a.       Each game in the tournament counts toward a penalty suspension even though the tournament only counts as one game for total games in a season.


b.      Any Coach, Manager, or Team Official who has received a suspension shall not sit close to his/her team while the suspension is in effect.


c.       Physical abuse of any official will result in a suspension from that game and all remaining games in the tournament.




a.       One (1) point will be awarded for each period won.

b.      One-half (1/2) point will be awarded for each period tied.

c.       Zero (0) points will be awarded for each period lost.

d.      Two (2) points will be awarded for each game won.

e.       One (1) point will be awarded for each game tied.

f.       Zero (0) points will be awarded for each game lost.


The two teams with the most points will play for the Championship.  If there is a tie after all three rounds have been played, the following tie breakers will be used to determine the teams playing in the Championship Game:


a.       Head-to-head game outcome.

b.  Goal differential (goals scored minus goals allowed during round-robin qualifying).

c.  Lowest total team penalty minutes during the tournament.

d.  Coin toss.


In the event the Championship game ends in a tie score, a three-man shootout will take place to determine the tournament Champion.  Rules for the shootout will be provided to each team prior to commencing the shootout.



The match up of teams for the Consolation Games will be either determined by points or if the possibility exists the Tournament Director will try to match up teams that have not played previously in the first three rounds of the Miami Valley Freeze Tournament.


In the event the Consolation game ends in a tie score, no overtimes or shootouts will be played to determine the winner of the Consolation game.


The Home team for the Championship and Consolation games will be determined as follows:


a. Team with the higher point total.

b. Coin toss.


14. WITHDRAWALS AND CANCELLATIONS: In the event a team withdraws from the Tournament or a Tournament game cannot be played due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e., unsafe ice condition, inability or refusal of the scheduled venue to hold the contest, etc.), the following procedures shall be followed:


a.       If any team withdraws from the Tournament after the Tournament has commenced, the team withdrawing from the Tournament shall forfeit its entry fee.  For any team that was scheduled to play, but has not yet played, the team withdrawing from the Tournament, a prorated portion of its entry fee shall be returned and the team will receive zero (0) points for the game that was not played.  For any team that has completed its game with the team withdrawing from the Tournament, a prorated portion of its entry fee shall NOT be returned and the team shall earn zero (0) points for that game regardless of the completed game's results.

b.      In the event a Tournament game cannot be played due to unforeseen circumstances, a prorated portion of each team's entry fee shall be returned and each team shall receive 2 1/2 points for the game that could not be played.


15. MERCY RULE: There is no mercy rule in effect for the Tournament.


16. PROTESTS: NO PROTESTS WILL BE PERMITTED.  If, during the course of the Tournament, rules interpretations or clarifications are needed, the Tournament Director will provide the interpretation or clarification and the Tournament Director's decision will be FINAL.


17. LOCKER ROOMS:  All teams are to pick up their locker room when finished.  If there is damage when entering the locker room, report it immediately to Arena Maintenance Personnel or the Miami Valley Freeze Tournament Director.  Any damage will be charged to the team responsible for the damage. No food or drinks are permitted in the locker rooms.


18. PRACTICE PUCKS:  Pucks will be provided for each team to use during warmups.  


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