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Mission Statement"The Mission of the Troy City Schools, in partnership with our community, is to provide a quality education so our students become productive and responsible citizens."
District Motto"In Pursuit of Excellence"
High School Motto"Truth, Honor, Sportsmanship"
SchoolsSix elementaries, one 6th grade building, one junior high, and one high school
Vocational EducationUpper Valley Career Center
Athletic ConferenceGreater Western Ohio Conference
School ColorsScarlet and Gray
School NicknameTrojans
Total enrollment4538 (2010-2011)
By Building:  Concord (597), Cookson (357), Forest (285), Heywood (319), Hook (307), Kyle (226), VanCleve (338), Jr.High (727), Sr.High (1382 -- 150 @ JVS).

NoteworthyA five-year Strategic Plan was created in 2009. Community members were an integral part of the process, and it addresses facilities, communication, academics, and finances.

Over 1500 networked computers in both a
lab and regular classroom setting, Troy students
have easy access to technological resources.

The district’s performance on the 2003-2004 Ohio Department of Education District Report Card qualified it for an “Effective” rating from the Ohio Department of Education. The district also achieved all components of Adequate Yearly Progress, as defined by No Child Left Behind legislation.

  'In Pursuit of Excellence'
THE TROY CITY SCHOOL DISTRICTThe Troy City School District encompasses 36.7 square miles in central Miami County, Ohio. The district serves the City of Troy and Concord Township.

The community, which is comprised of 22,000 people, is situated on I-75 approximately 20 miles north of Dayton, Ohio. The I-70, I-75 interchange is about twelve miles south of Troy, giving residents easy access to two major highway systems serving the United States. Dayton International Airport is also a fifteen-minute drive down Interstate 75.

The district is comprised of one high school, one junior high and six neighborhood elementary schools. Our tradition is of providing young people with a quality education based on innovative curriculum and support services designed to meet student needs.

The Troy Schools enjoy widespread community support that gives meaning to the phrase, "In Troy, Civic Pride is City Wide."



THE TROY STAFFThe faculty of the Troy City Schools is an excellent blend of youth and experience. The average Troy teacher has 15 years of experience and nearly 75% of the teaching staff has earned a Master's Degree or more.

At the junior high and high school, each teacher is a specialist in his/her own subject area. At the elementary level, students receive specialized instruction from well-trained teachers in the basic curriculum as well as in art, physical education, and music.

Nearly two hundred classified employees, comprised of bus drivers, custodians, aides, secretaries, librarians, technology facilitators, and food service workers, play an integral role in the successful operations of the district.

Specialized staff, such as school nurses, psychologists, speech and language specialists, and intervention teachers help meet the needs of special needs students.


TROY STUDENTSWith a nearly 10% minority student population, students experience first-hand the valuable lesson of diversity in others.

Troy High School was one of two school districts in Miami County with National Merit Finalists for the 2003-2004 school year, and one of those students won a National Merit Scholarship.

Many Troy High School students take advantage of the Post-Secondary Option, which allows students to attend college and earn credits that transfer when they attend college.

Many of our students are enrolled in our college prep program, which prepares them to be successful in colleges and universities around the nation. Other graduates enter the military, go on to trade schools, or immediately embark on what will become successful employment careers.

Troy students regularly outperform state and national averages on national normed tests, the Ohio proficiency tests, and the ACT and SAT college entrance exams.

Troy students received perform well in academic competitions such as the Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics test, Destination Imagination, the Optimist Oratorical Contest, the American Competition 10 test, the National Latin Exam, and the Knowledge Bowl Competition.


ACADEMIC PROGRAMSThe district has made a concerted effort to align its courses of study with the state’s Academic Content Standards, providing students with maximum opportunity to achieve success on state-mandated tests.

College preparatory and general education programs are offered at Troy High School. Weighted classes are available as well. Students can also attend the Upper Valley Joint Vocational Program or participate in the post-secondary option at local universities. Special programs are also available for students who have experienced problems earning credits during their high school tenure.

Orchestra and band are offered at the elementary level, and the orchestra, band, and choral programs at the secondary level regularly compete and succeed in state competitions.

The district has a reputation for working with special needs students. Nearly 12% of our students have been identified with some kind of disability, and support is available to them both in the regular education classroom and in a self-contained setting, with classroom aides being assigned to assist students, when necessary.

Character education programs are a vital component of what the district offers its students. Students must participate in community service programs to graduate.

The average class size in the district is approximately 20 to 1.

We have a well-established Gifted and Talented Education program (GATE) that provides enrichment educational activities both in a self-contained setting as well as in regular class-rooms.

Intervention services are provided for students 
who have not passed the Ohio Proficiency Tests or who are experiencing other academic difficulties.

Summer school programs are offered for remedial purposes as well as for students who want to satisfy academic requirements ahead of their classmates at the secondary level.


Athletic programs at both the junior high and high school offer interested boys and girls many opportunities for participation on successful athletic teams.

Many students participate in clubs and service organizations from which they gain important leadership skills.

Troy athletic teams have a history of success. They compete well in their conference and at the state level. Trojan athletes have also been recognized for their academic achievement and their display of sportsmanship.

An outstanding drama program with regularly scheduled public performances is available for students with an interest in the performing arts


More than two dozen local businesses are actively involved in our schools through our school-business partnerships.

There is a unique, cooperative relationship between the Troy schools and the City of Troy as indicated by the fact that many city facilities are utilized by the schools and vice versa.

The Troy Foundation, a community philanthropic organization, has donated in excess of $1.6 million to the schools.

Community members contribute to the success of students through their participation in special programs held in our schools.

All six elementary schools have active Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTO). These organizations provide both volunteer and financial support to their respective schools.

Parent and community input is encouraged and their ideas have been utilized through district or school committees such as the Permanent Improvement Committee, Business Advisory Council, Clear Channels (at each building), Athletic Clear Channel, School District Income Tax Task Force, Blue Ribbon Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, school-business partnerships, parent-teacher organizations, and booster clubs