Troy High School Hockey Booster Association


May 2014



Article 1 – Name, Purpose

Article 2 – Membership

Article 3- Members and Officers

Article 3 - Player Fees/Fundraisers and Sponsors

Article 4 - Certificate of Deposit

Article 5 - Taxes

Article 6 - Summer Camp

Article 7 - Hockey Tournament



Article 1 – NAME, PURPOSE


1.1     The name of the organization shall be Troy High School Hockey Parent’s Booster Association (Boosters).

1.2     The Troy High School Hockey Parent’s Booster Association is a 501c3 nonprofit that is organized exclusively for the benefit of the Troy High School Hockey team by providing financial assistance and volunteer support to benefit the youth involved in the program.    


Article 2 – MEMBERSHIP


2.1           Membership does not require the payment of dues, but is limited to players and their family, sponsors, and others contributors of the program.




3.1            Role, Size, Compensation

The members are responsible for overall policy and direction of the boosters.  Compensation of auxiallary supplies (paper, ink, etc) may be requested but no officer receives compensation for their time.


3.2            Meetings

The members shall meet a minimum of 6 times a year, at an agreed upon time and place. Additional meetings may be scheduled at the request of any of it’s members.


3.3           Officer Elections

Elections will occur in the February meeting of the year or as needed by paper ballot.


3.4           Terms

All officers shall serve 1 year terms, but are eligible for re-election.


3.5           Quorum

Quorum consists of majority vote by those in attendance.


3.6           Officers and Duties

There will be four officers of the Boosters consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, which serves as the Executive Committee.

The President shall convene regularly scheduled Booster meetings and is responsible for communication of Booster information, sending out meeting announcements with minutes and distributing agendas and copies of minutes at the booster meetings.

The Vice-President convenes fundraising opportunities and communicates them to the Boosters.

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of Booster actions, including taking minutes all meetings. The Secretary will send minutes to the President for distribution. Thank you’s and acknowledgements for all donations and sponsorship are the responsibility of the secretary.

The Treasurer shall make a report at each Booster meeting and assist in preparation of the budget and financial information for tax purposes.

The sponsorship chair shall be responsible for updating the sponsorship letters, distributing to potential players, following up with all proposed sponsors for inclusion in team sponsorship opportunities. The chair will also obtain artwork for posters, order posters and provide logos to pres, VP and webmaster. Thank you notes are the responsibility of the sponsorship chair. The chair will also obtain & distribute game tickets.


3.7           Resignation

A member of the executive committee may resign at any time by giving written notice of the resignation to the Boosters. The resignation is effective when the notice is received, unless otherwise indicated.





4.1           Determination

A Player fee will be decided each year by the Booster Executive Committee usually the week after try-outs.

The fee will be determined by considering the previous year’s fee, the estimated budget and the number of players selected during try-outs.

4.2           Payment

A non-refundable fee will be charged for Captain’s practices. This fee will be determined prior to the start of Captain’s practices and will be applied toward the player fee determined at the time of team tryouts. No refunds are provided for players who do not accept a position on the team, or to those who do not make the team.

One half of the remaining player fee (Total fee-paid Captain’s practice fee) must be paid to the Treasurer before the first weekend of Scrimmages; approximately the second week of November.

The balance of the player fee must be paid by December 31.

If a family has a problem meeting the December 31st deadline for payment, they need to bring this to the attention of the Booster President.

Funds are to be made payable to the Troy High School Boosters Association. 



4.3           Fundraisers and Sponsors


The Vice President or an Appointed Chairperson will organize and set work schedules for Fundraisers.

There will be several optional fundraisers during the spring, summer, and fall leading up to each season.   Fundraising credits may offset the players’ fees up to the total yearly fee. Any fundraising amount earned above the amount of the player fee will be reimbursed up to the total fee paid for Open Ice Practice, with any money earned above that credited to players account for the next year. Any player who does not return to the team the following year forfeits the credit to the general fund of the Boosters.

Funds earned through fundraising and Sponsors will only apply to players rostered on the team.

Individuals signing sponsors (Including Friends and Family, Slap Shot, wrist shot and face off sponsors) will receive 20% credit towards player fees.


4.4   Refunds

Refunds will not be provided for disciplinary removals, a player quitting the team, or for academic suspensions.

Injury refunds will be decided by the majority vote of the Booster Executive Committee and must be requested by the player’s parents. The amount refunded will be prorated based on the ice use of the season beginning with Captain’s practices in September.



5.1           Investment of monies in CD


The Treasurer will investigate and research the best possible investment opportunity for the current upcoming year for all monies.

The Treasurer will make recommendations to the Booster Executive Committee for vote by the officers.

A CD was previously established by alumni parents. The CD’s purpose is for use in the event the school fails to support the hockey program.  Funds then could be used to offset some of the imminent expenses (League Fee).


6.1           Annual Taxes

 It is the responsibility of the Booster Treasurer to keep income and expense spreadsheets throughout the season for tax purposes. 

The reporting period for the Troy High School Hockey Parents taxes is July 1st through June 30th of each year.  The deadline for filing is November 15th.

The Treasurer will use a local accountant for filing of the taxes and the boosters will include this expense in the budget.




7.1           Camp/Jamboree


Summer Camp/Jamboree is hosted by Troy High School Hockey Boosters. The cost will be determined by the Booster Executive Committee using an estimate of all expenses divided by the number of estimated players attending. 

On or before the May meeting, the Booster Executive Committee will announce the amount required to participate in the camp/jamboree.

Players enrolled in the Troy City Schools (Grades 9 – 12) are eligible to participate in the Camp/Jamboree.

If the Coaching staff determines a player is not ready to participate in the jamboree games, a portion of the camp/jamboree fee will be returned.

7.2           Liability / Costs

The Boosters are covered under school districts policy for liability to a player.

The Boosters will pay for ice time, coaching fees, instructors, referees and any other camp related items.

7.3           Coaching Fees 

Each coach may receive compensation determined by the Booster Board. 

Payment will not exceed a maximum of $1000.00 for all coaches combined.



The Boosters will plan to host a Hockey Tournament (Miami Valley Freeze) each season as a fundraiser.

The President or assigned Tournament Director will lead the operations of the tournament, with all player families  expected to or assigned work during the tournament.

Troy City Schools do not cover the cost of ice, referees or trainer expenses for these games. The Boosters will man the gate for this event and keep the receipts. This should be confirmed with the Troy City School Athletic Director by the Tournament Director or President prior to establishment of Tournament fees.



By law amendments will be emailed to the membership approximately one week before final voting on changes. These bylaws may be amended

when necessary by a majority vote of the membership present at the next scheduled meeting.

These bylaws were updated and approved at a meeting of the Booster Board of Troy High School Hockey Booster’s Association on

May, 6, 2014..

Matt Ryan,
May 14, 2014, 8:07 AM