New Brochures for Retirees and Hiring Managers Posted!

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In the "Resource Links" section, under "attachments," there are PDF versions of the new Trojan ENCORE brochures.  There is one specifically for retirees and one specifically for hiring managers.  Feel free to download and view them.


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Your USC colleagues have posted their information on the Trojan ENCORE website.  They know USC retirees are a huge untapped resource for the university. 

Please join them in exploring opportunities at our university for part-time or short term job positions.  


Why Trojan ENCORE?

·       USC units have a need for part-time and/or short term hires or volunteers to fill positions

·       Retirees  bring knowledge of USC culture and job experience

·       Retirees know USC procedures and policies

·       Retirees are mature, responsible, and committed to the USC


How does it work?

·       Retires post their skills/profiles online at the Trojan ENCORE web site

·       Hiring managers can access and review retiree profiles

·       Terms of hire are determined by hiring manager and retiree (days, hours, pay, etc.)

·       Trojan Temps supports the hiring procedures and designates the “resource personnel” with a maximum of 900 hours per year or for Trojan Temps a maximum of 1,400 hours per year


What types of jobs?

·       Coverage for staff vacations, illnesses, disabilities

·       Work during job searches for full time staff

·       Team member helping to develop a grant proposal

·       Stewardship of a grant for a specific period

·       Preparation of tenure and/or promotion dossiers

·       Assist during special demanding project deadlines (beginning of semester, registration, budget cycles, etc.)

·       Assist with special projects, receptions, event staffing, tours, etc.


Join your colleagues.

Log in to <<>>

Click on “application”

Fill out the form

Click “send.” 


Be online with your fellow retirees

Pat Dugas                                    Suzanne Edwin           Shirley Kirksey                      

Donna Simmons                           June Griffin                  Linda Neumaier

Nardina Solano                            Carol Wuensche         

Don Van Arsdol                           Nora Zenarosa


For more information contact:  Carole Gustin ---

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