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Sponsored by the USC Emeriti Center, Trojan ENCORE is a program  that allows USC retirees to connect with university units that need part-time and/or short term help.   Retirees list their resumes, job skills, interests, and availability on the web.  Hiring managers register through the program coordinator for access to retiree information.  Terms of hiring or volunteering are determined by the hiring manager and the retiree.

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Trojan ENCORE Participants

“I would really encourage people to volunteer.  For me, it keeps my mind busy.  It’s really important to be mind active as well as physically active.”

                 Bob Scales
Trojan ENCORE Retiree Volunteer


“My experience working through Trojan ENCORE in the Master of Professional Writing Program was very successful.

I gained a few new favorite authors, was able to earn a wage and to give back to a community I care about.  I think I brought some expertise to the job that someone new to the university would not have,

I would definitely do it again.  It was a dream job.”

                Linda Neumaier
                Trojan ENCORE Worker

“I would volunteer to take  another assignment wherever I felt that I could be helpful.

My experience with the Trojan ENCORE program has been a very pleasant and rewarding experience and I would recommend it to any of you who would like to return to work and take a temporary assignment.  So, sign up!”

                 Sue Edwin
Trojan ENCORE Worker

For more information, questions, and to register for the USC Trojan ENCORE Program, please contact: cgustin@usc.edu
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