About us

My name is Clare Bandy and I have been breeding Russian Blues under my Troika prefix for 30 years.  In that time I have bred many prize-winning cats, although my first priority as a breeder is always to produce healthy, affectionate kittens. 
UK & Imperial Grand Premier Troika Le Corsaire
For more details about my cats, and future availability of kittens, please contact me at troika1981@aol.com.
I hope you enjoy your visit to my website. 
Latest news
31 December 2014 - August very sadly saw the passing of our dear old lady Willow (Gr Ch & Pr Troika Maria Morevna).  She is much missed, but fortunately her legacy lives on in her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
2014 saw the following Troika cats (all descendants of Willow) gain their titles:
    UK & Imperial Grand Champion Troika Eliana Pushkina
    Imperial Grand Champion Troika Vasilisa
    Grand Champion Troika Rusalka
    Grand Premier Troika Boris Godunov
    International Champion Troika Anzhelika
In addition, Gr Ch & Gr Pr Troika Ivan Tsarevich won Overall Best of Variety Foreign at the Suffolk & Norfolk show, and Gr Pr Troika Boris Godunov won Overall Best in Show at the East Sussex show. 

UK & Imperial Grand Premier Troika Le Corsaire
Photo (c) Your Cat