I am a perfectionist when it comes to my school work, which has, in the past, been a little bit of a problem.  I want my work to be very neat, clean, and detailed.  I am a writer and an illustrator/artist.  I love details.  You might think "That's great."  Well, my writing assignments tend to get on the lengthy side. So imagine my teacher trying to grade all of those papers and when she comes to mine it is way over the page limit.  LOL.  Sometimes I would actually run out of time and have to turn in an incomplete paper.  But, imagine how great I felt when I got my paper back with an "A" on it, along with notes that say something like "Wow, this will be a great story when it's finished."

I am a know it all.  I came here with all of the knowledge contained in my brain - didn't you?  I'm just joking.  That's what my parents think I think.  But the truth is I'm a great student because I love to learn things.  And, I might not be all knowing, but I do know a lot and I continue to add more.  I will never know everything but it's fun trying to.  :)

Since I'm an artist, all of my projects are very detailed too.  My fifth grade teacher kept every one of my projects to use as an example for the years to come.  Now that is a confidence builder.  I will keep adding pictures of my projects here so you can check them out!

My School Projects

Some of My Greatest Accomplishments

1.    Winning 1st Place in the Science Fair at my elementary school.
You can see my video here:
Carbon Dioxide Physical Change - 5th Grade 05-18-12

Carbon Dioxide Physical Change - 5th Grade 05-18-12

2.    Receiving the Academic Excellence Award at my Fifth Grade Culmination.

3.    Getting to put my version David Hockney art in the Tenth Annual Valley Wide Student Art Show: