japhine alpha

japhine is a java program to draw IFS fractals.

run as applet full browser (no file i/o yet)

download application (download sample files)

I develop and have it all running on my mac. On the few other systems I've tested some Windows boxes would only render once. On one system the Applet had the render problem but the Application didn't. I hope it works for you.

the fractal algorithm
Start with: a random 2D point and a set of affine functions that map the point to a new point.
Then repeat this 100,000 or so times: randomly choose a function, transform the point and plot the new position.

It doesn't seem like that would draw anything but it does. And the functions have to be randomly chosen, I experimented with non-random choosing and couldn't get anything to draw. 

A 2D affine function is a very simple equation. The equation has six numbers that determine how the input x and y coordinates will be changed....... (unfinished)......

how to use

The greyed out controls have no function in the japhine applet. Same goes for the japhine application except for the O and S buttons at top; those buttons will open and save files (no save as... yet).

This program started as a test bed to learn how to draw into raster images in Java and to test the number crunching and graphics drawing speed. Kept adding stuff with no overall plan in mind but ended up with a simple program. Planning to design something with animation and more types of mapping functions.

The source code is included in the program jar file. It's not the prettiest, but, there it is.