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My Apps for Download

below is old and deprecated

Apps  Download (all Mac for now, working on a java) (6Mb) 

My three trochoid based apps: circa, Trochoid and Trotorted. These are the 'raw' apps, no sample files or extras.

Mac applications... Should run 10.2+, probably run 10.0+, maybe run in 9.x with CarbonLib and InterfaceLib installed. (13Kb) Mac OS X screensaver

This is my first program written in Objective-C using Xcode. I don't know how to change the name without causing problems (I'm still learning Xcode) and "dirt" is the random name I chose at the start. It's a universal binary and I don't know what OS versions it works on. I'm running it with 10.4.

Like other screensavers, to install you can 1) double click the file to have the finder(?) ask you then do it's thing or 2) manually copy dirt.saver to the folder ~/user/Library/Screen Savers (then open Screen Saver panel in System Preferences and select "dirt"). Let me know what you think.

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