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Welcome to TR Lab., Toyohashi University of Technology !

    In this laboratory, we work on researches to pursue the way of safety, convenience, and comfort urban/transportation systems harmonized with the local communities, through scientifically grasping transportation phenomena, transportation behaviors and urban structures which is the source of the transportation.


  • 2018.04.04 Our lab and KICTEC inc 's joint research on "Road Luminarie" was introduced in the Asahi Newspaper (the 1st page in evening publication, April 4th.)
  • 2018.03.05 Mr. Sakuragi,a M2 student, was awarded from the chief of the central branch of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers due to his achievements such as several presentations of academic conferences so far. (Certificate of achievement)
  • 2018.01.31 Assistant Professor Matsuo was awarded a letter of appreciation from the Aichi Prefectural Police Department due to his contributions to traffic safety through his research activities and as an adviser for countermeasures against fatal traffic accidents.(TUT HP News & Topics)
  • 2017.12.20  An introduction of our lab research related to rat-run traffic has published in a TUT international web magazine: TUT Research.(TUT Research No.11 December 2017)
  • 2017.12.08 Mr. Takahashi, a M1 student, gave a poster presentation about his research topic: "Evaluation and validation of visibility of road surface projection" at the ITS symposium held at Kyusyu University on December 7th-8th, and he got the best poster award. (豊橋技術科学大学HP News & Topics)

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