The name Trixnix
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The word TRIXNIX is open to uninformed, modern, popular understanding, which would be NIX TRIX - that is no trick, or the directly opposite, - a NIX which is a TRIX, that is a no that is tricky. Such ambivalent understanding is not wrong.

TRI, though, in Latin means “three”, and NI in Latin means “if”. And that X ending both words must be understood as “ex”, that is “of, by, or on”. So TRIX is “of, by, or on three”. And NIX is “of, by, or on if”.

Of "three", an "if" follows (in Latin "trix-ni"). And further, from this particular "if", something follows - called Trixnix. Literally translated to English, trixnix will be "three-of-if-of".

The picture might be this: TRIX is the seed of TRI. And NIX is the offspring of NI. NI is the wife of TRI. TRIXNIX is the offspring of NI, conceived by the seed of TRI.

TRIXNIX is life of The Trinity, which by Norway is one.

In Latin, NIX is used to connote snow. Snow is the picture of mercy.