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Thank you

Ai am sorry aI must ask for donations. Intentionally, aI wanted to rely on formal Norwegian governmental aid to incapacitated and indisposed people. Ai have been such people for twenty years. This last year, though, for a reason or another, aI have spent all my reserves, which made me unable to do so.

Ai tried to make the possibility for making donations by the service of PayPal, a while ago. That did not work. So, here aI present an account of mine in my Norwegian bank.

Ai am free of money. Ai have depth, obvious to some. And for me to live decent, and to keep my apartment, aI need money. There is no depth on my apartment, and no depth on my furniture, and aI have clothes. There is depth, though, on my bank accounts, and my credit cards are no longer valid. Any donation will be affording me a decent living, by the ability to pay bills and buy necessities.

What is needed for transfer from abroad, aI believe, is the following information:

Electronic IBAN account number: NO0552701084888
Paper format IBAN account number: NO05 5270 1084 888
My address is:
Anders Woje Ellingsen
Rådyrveien 25 B
7082 Kattem
Thank you.
This page was established September 11th the year of 2020, and was finished the day after.