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Ken Jennings vs Ogi Ogas

Ogi Ogas used TriviGo to help him get to the final round of Grand Slam, Game Show Network's 2007 championship of quiz show mega-winners, where he faced off against the infamous Ken Jennings.

Here is what Ogi had to say about TriviGo:

    "If you are training for a quiz show, TriviGo is simply the most efficient and relevant "trivia product" on the market. After only one minute of TriviGo "Volume One" I immediately knew I needed to buy all of them."

    "I knew I was going to compete against the greatest quiz show players in America on Grand Slam: Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, John Carpenter... TriviGo's questions were most similar to the kinds of questions I anticipated for this show. I can say without exaggeration that TriviGo helped me beat Brad Rutter, the world's biggest game show money winner."

    "TriviGo is very well-suited for someone who is going to use trivia in some competitive format--either for someone going on a game show, competing in college quiz bowl, or high school academic bowl. I think it is worth at least four times what you currently pay for it. Though of course if you win on a game show, then TriviGo is worth a heck of a lot more!"

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