TRIVIGO  The Audio Quiz Game

 Find out why OGI OGAS, a finalist in Game Show Network's Grand Slam tournament, recommends TriviGo


    Trivigo puts the fun and challenge of real-time quiz games in your hands!

    We designed Trivigo quizzes with the repeat listener in mind. Questions are loaded with clues and other devices to help you recall the answers. Questions are mixed in difficulty, but tough enough so that repeated playing is fun and rewarding.


    Volume One contains 73 minutes of quiz game challenges, divided into six separate TriviGo games. Instructions for playing the games are included on the cover of the CD.


    Volume One is packaged as a standard Compact Disc audio recording. Copy in seconds onto your iPod or other mp3 players for state-of-the-art portability.

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    Ten Reasons You Need Trivigo

     1. You need something to Occupy your time while you steep your Tea.

     2. You won't need a subprime mortgage to buy it

     3. You NEED to beat the other passengers at in-flight trivia games.

     4.They're still playing "Stairway to Heaven" on "classic rock" stations.

     5. It has no pages to ruin at the beach.

     6. Not having to hear that MasterCard guy's voice again? Priceless.

     7. Call it CGI if you want...they are still selling you cartoons at feature presentation prices.

     8. Your 4G connection is barely forging ahead.

     9. "Road Work Ahead," "Lane Ends 1000 FT," "Detour," etc.

     10. Your attempts to cash in on cabs have put in jeopardy your chances to be a millionaire.