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» Triumph TR 4 - ein echter Sportwagen! Robust und zuverlaessig «
» Want a sports car with a stout English heart in a sleek Italian body. «
» It takes more than dual carbs to make a sports car. «
» Why does the Triumph TR 4 separate the men from the boys? «
» Triumph make the TR 4A to give the man who drives hard a real ride for his money «
» The new Triumph TR 4A goes independent all round and all civilised inside «
» How little does it cost to run a big sports car? «
» Simmering power. Burnished walnut. Breezy people, Triumph TR 4A. «
» Triumph TR 4A is a two-fisted sports car that has features for 98-pound weaklings. «
» New Triumph TR 4A is one sports car that won't shake your fillings loose. «
» Safe at any speed - the Triumph TR 4A «
» Triumph TR 4A is one sports car you can knock around in all day and still baby your backside. «
» Want a hell-for-leather sports car with English leather bucket seats? «

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