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Fall 2011 is here!

Hey kids, it's about to get crazy this year as we may add several schools to our roster! Stay tuned for more information!

Summer 2011:

PROJECT ROCK BAND is happening this summer! Click here to find out more and sign up for a rock n roll summer camp experience!! (download is free at this link. Sorry for the ads)

March 2011:             Lots of parents are thinking about buying either a first or second guitar. If you are looking for some advice from Mr kai on what to purchase click here to get all the advice you need!


Hello, my name is Mr. Kai and I am the instructor for Tritone Music Academy, an after-school program teaching guitar to elementary and Jr. High students. We currently teach at 7 schools in the Fullerton School District. Our classes are 30 minutes, twice a week after school on campus.

I am a Songwriting graduate from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, I have 10+ years of private instruction experience, and this is my seventh year teaching guitar in this after-school format. We offer private-lesson-quality instruction in small group settings at an affordable price.

My program is founded around the philosophy that children need music in their lives to fully develop creatively and artistically. I believe that music can develop confidence, critical thinking, enthusiasm, teamwork mentality, and passion! I believe this because it  happened in my life! I also work under the philosophy that guitar serves as a “gateway” instrument into appreciation for music in general, so I focus on creating musicians, not just guitarists. 

I strongly believe that music should be fun and not forced, a principle that my kids have responded to very well! I have written my own curriculum that revolves around familiar songs that kids actually like to play. I will teach the kids how to read music notation, tablature, and some music theory.

Class sizes are small; my assistants and I can offer the attention that kids need to excel at playing guitar.Weekly instruction is punctuated by numerous performance opportunities like Holiday Shows, Variety Shows, and an end of the year performance at a large outside venue. Such as Steamers Jazz Club or the House of Blues, Anaheim. 

Please click on the above links for more information. Thank you for reading!

                                                                            -Mr. Kai