Public Service


Tri-State Repeater Public-Service Contributions

Finding a lost child, warning the public of an oncoming tornado via the National Weather Service, or just providing communication services for a public fund-raising event – these things and more are all actual activities to benefit the people of the Mid-South provided by the public-spirited members of the Tri-State Repeater Association.

Yes, Tri-State Repeater Association amateur radio volunteers freely donate their time, knowledge, expertise and the use of their expensive communication equipment to provide services to the public that are not available through any other national organization – public or private – all in accord with the licensing requirements and corresponding privileges granted directly by the U.S. Government’s Federal Communication Commission.

And the amateur radio repeaters that these members have constructed, installed, operate and maintain are an integral part of the communication system they have personally established to provide dependable local communications for a variety of circumstances ranging from public-service activities to helping other public service organizations raise funds for their philanthropic efforts.

So whether its local amateur operators locating tornados for the National Weather Service, working on a local repeater,  or providing a communications umbrella for such fund-raisers as the Multiple Sclerosis Walk or Tour de Collierville, Tri-State Repeater amateurs take their public-service contributions seriously so that the public can enjoy a better and safer life.

Updated 3.23.2010