WD4JHD - Russ - Moonman


 (As of 2.8.2010)

Worked over 88 grids via moon 

71 Grid Squares Confirmed which 22 are U.S.

Worked over 133 contacts

Worked over 20 states

Worked over 23 countries

Presently have worked over 100 contacts via the moon and climbing rapidly.


System Set-Up:


Equipment FT 847 moded to have separate tx and rx.

Preamp ARR P144VOG

The thte two meter amp is a Lunar Link System LA-22 using a pair of 3CPX800A amp will run 1500 Watts output


7/8 Hard Line to the top of the tower with  a LMR 600 UF

 LDF4 1/2 for Phasing  Harness

Direct Systems power divider

A pair of MXP28 antennas from M2

Antenna system is up 40ft on a windmill tower

The antenna was put up with a rented crane

System weight over 500lbs


440 Moon Bounce Set-Up

I have the same basic set-up on 70cm

Pair of 432-19WL antennas M2

Amplifier Lunar Link 1500 Watts Output


220 Moon Bounce Set-Up

Amplifier Lunar Link 1500 watts output

A transverter  is being used to and up and down converter with an  i f of 28 mhz.

A pair of 222-5WL   M2


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Updated 2.8.2010