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Why Train for Community Emergency Response?

Collierville Fire & Rescue

Amateur Radio Net:  CNET - Wednesday Evenings @ 19:00 Hrs. on the 444.125 + (107.2) Repeater



While Collierville Fire and Police continuously prepare and train for everyday emergencies as well as disaster scenarios, we know that mass disasters can overwhelm conventional emergency services. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program is a realistic, proactive approach to situations where citizens may be on their own to respond to life-sustaining needs.

The goal of CERT is to offer training and skills that allow citizens to respond effectively without placing themselves in unnecessary danger. Completing CERT training means you will clearly understand how to safely help yourself, your family and your neighborhood when conventional emergency services are not readily available.

CERT Contact is Asst. Chief of Fire Prevention Scott Sumner ssumner@ci.collierville.tn.us.