APRS - Packet

Aprs Digi's of West TN. 144.39 Lan

N4GMT-10 the central node for Memphis. A good gateway into and out of the area. 

This can be monitered to see band conditions and traffic flow. 

The digi is located at the Hilton running about 10 watts into a omni antenna. A real work horse for the local area.

WB4EPG-3 located in Collierville,TN is the local internet gateway. Lots of information is handled into this digi. 

This is a great resource for the Mempis Area.  Everything from tracking to e-mailing messages is driven by this digi.

KD4TJN-3 located in Braden,TN sits along I-40 great at tracking interstate traffic between Memphis and Jackson, TN.

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Packet Radio

Packet Node Information Lan 145.59

Mem59 on a freq of 145.59  is locataed at SCO in  Midtown Memphis. This would be the hub of packet information into and out of  the Memphis area

Memtk is also located on the same node staack. Please use channel 100 for all chat. A valuable resource for WX and Traffic

HICK59 is located at Hickory Valley, TN a good gateway into JCK59 - JCK59 is located at Jackson, TN

Updated 12.21.2009