All Star Link is live and working now on 145.450 pl 107.2. The audio is excellent. Randy WB4LHD used an HT to talk to Houston, TX this morning. The guy in Houston sounded better than Randy (sorry Randy)

for a list of nodes:

You can click the node # when on the link above to see status of the node and what is linked to it.

from the Repeater *70 will read off the status of what we are linked to.
2500 is Saltgrass Link hub (Texas & FL)

2560 is Win System hub (CA)

41557 is the HamWAN Hub we want to stay linked to it in addition to anything else.

Hubs serve as a place for many nodes to connect together just like a reflector on D-star.
When linked to these large linked systems avoid local traffic or just unlink for local QSO's.
Wins has over 80 repeaters linked on it many times well over that number.
Don't tail gate or they won't hear you on the other end. Key up and pause before speaking so the other repeaters can all come up some move slower than ours.

Saltgrass has a smaller number (see their list here)

System Policy During times of non-emergency use, the Saltgrass Link System is open for any licensed Amateur Radio operator to use on a non-exclusive basis. Please remember, this is a State-Wide resource, therefore, frequent pauses in communications are required to give other stations a chance to break in if needed.

In an effort to support cooperation and further the hobby, the Saltgrass Link System features an IRLP node. Any station wanting to listen or be a part of the system is welcome to connect to Reflector 9455 channel 5. As a general rule with any Internet based linking, please pause before speaking and allow others time to join or break in during your conversation.

Here are the All Star commands
*1 => Link Disconnect
*2 => Link Connect (Monitor Only)
*3 => Link Connect
*4 => Remote Comand
*70 => Link Status
*71 => Disconnect All Links
*72 => Last Node To Key
*73 => Full Link Status
*74 => Reconnect Links
*5 => DTMF Shortcuts
*75 => Link Connect (Local Monitor Only)
*80 => System Info
*81 => Time
*980 => App_rpt Version
*986 => WX Current conditions
*987 => WX Alerts
*988 => WX Forecast

*99 => Phone Start PTT
# => Phone End PTT

To connect to another Allstar node, use the Link Connect (*3) plus the node number. For example, to connect to node 2000, use *32000. To Disconnect from a node, use the Link Disconnect (*1) plus the node number.

The repeater will be able to read off the Weather and will also read off watches and warnings from NWS thanks to help I received from
 Cliff / NS4B.

Cliff NS4B devoted several hours over 2 nights working with me well into the middle of the night wiring and configuring the repeater for All Star.

Ryan K0RET devoted much time to creating a server and setting up a hub for the system to connect to. He also created a really cool link between HamWAN and All Star that we will demo at the meeting. You might hear me or Him talking to you from a telephone just like the auto path days.

Ryan K0RET and Todd K4VIA helped me with the re-install this weekend after working on HamWAN for several hours.

Not long after the repeater was up Randy WB4LHD and Shawn W5SMB down in Olive Branch spoke direct to California.

Our Next step is to get a HamWAN connection at 1st TN since the firewall there makes All Star only Half way functional (our HUB lets us work around it).

We will make a presentation and demo of All Star on 2/28.

Enjoy and use the technology!